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Oral History Interview with H. M. Michaux, November 20, 1974. Interview A-0135. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007).
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  • Abstract
    H. M. Michaux discusses his role in black electoral politics in the urban South. His grassroots engagement with local Durham, North Carolina, politics helped to catapult him into the state House of Representatives, where he has served since 1972. Michaux explains that black politicians need to employ different campaign strategies in black and white communities. He also offers insight into the inner workings of black political alliances, as well as the internal decisions involved with political offices. He speculates on the permanence of the Republican Party in North Carolina. Despite some Republican success, Michaux contends that the Democratic Party will continue to dominate North Carolina politics. He stresses the need for a Democratic coalition and black political education in order to preserve black electoral power.
  • Internal operations of a local black political organization
  • Relevance of the black vote
  • Michaux assesses Jim Holshouser's adminstration
  • Durham's political stagnation due to lack of economic growth
  • Black candidates need to appeal to white and black audiences
  • Republicans' political chances in upcoming elections
  • Conservative candidates will jeopardize progressive legislation
  • Rather than align along racial lines, black legislators should focus on political issues
  • Democratic Party must campaign cooperatively to retain political power
  • Politicians must now campaign for the black vote to win elections
  • Blacks can no longer take the black vote for granted
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  • Subjects
  • North Carolina--Race relations
  • African Americans--Political activity
  • North Carolina--Politics and government
  • Democratic Party (N.C.)
  • Hunt, James B., 1937-
  • Helms, Jesse
  • African American politicians--North Carolina
  • Voter registration--North Carolina
  • Women political activists--North Carolina
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