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Oral History Interview with Roger Gant, July 17, 1987. Interview C-0127. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007).
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  • Abstract
    Roger Gant describes the professional and personal activities of his father-in-law, Everett Jordan, Democratic United States senator from North Carolina. Gant recounts his early interactions with the Jordan family and how he became involved with Jordan's textile mill. He analyzes the way Jordan structured his business in terms of his relationships with workers and his use of technology. Jordan's skill at communicating with people also helped him succeed as a senator. Gant focuses on the ways Jordan negotiated political deals and how he helped Lyndon B. Johnson avoid political controversy before the latter was elected president. Gant concludes by listing some specific products that were made in the mill and comparing the personalities of Jordan's children.
  • Everett Jordan protected his mill with machine guns on the roof in the 1930s
  • Jordan served on advisory boards because of the values his father taught him
  • Jordan's patience and business skills helped him succeed in industry and politics
  • Jordan updated his mill machinery with the help of friends in various industries
  • Jordan did not show favoritism and respected his colleagues' opinions
  • Jordan used a more personal business model in his mill than the Gant family
  • The Jordans maintained their cooperative marriage by avoiding criticism
  • Effect of age issues on 1960s American politics, especially during the Kennedy administration
  • Jordan sought no credit for the deals he arbitrated on behalf of Research Triangle Park and Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Rose Ann Gant is similar to her father, Everett Jordan, but she could not inherit his business role because she was a woman
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  • Subjects
  • Jordan, B. Everett
  • Gant, Roger
  • North Carolina--Biography
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