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Oral History Interview with Richard Barentine, January 28, 1999. Interview I-0068. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007).
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  • Abstract
    Richard Barentine arrived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, certain that the modest city in the middle of the state held a great deal of potential. In this interview, he describes his effort to nurture that potential, first as a member of the city's Chamber of Commerce, and eventually as CEO of the International Home Furnishing Marketing Association. Barentine took the lead in transforming the Southern Furniture Exposition into the International Home Furnishings Market, a wholesale furniture event of international importance. For most of this interview, Barentine recalls his efforts to shape and expand "the Market," detailing his strategy as it unfolded over a period of years. He also describes his focused leadership style, which emphasizes communication, and reflects on the history of Winston-Salem and North Carolina's furniture trade, which is expanding its global reach. This interview will be useful to researchers interested in Winston-Salem's furniture industry and in business leadership.
  • Family instills values
  • Building a career in Winston-Salem
  • Party politics in North Carolina business
  • History of furniture industry in North Carolina
  • Challenges of the late 1970s
  • Partnerships help Market grow
  • Consolidation of the International Home Furnishings Market
  • Consolidation of the International Home Furnishings Market
  • Four components of the International Home Furnishing Marketing Association's mandate
  • Coordination of business is essential
  • Strategies to connect with buyers build loyalty
  • Relatively modest budget for the International Home Furnishings Marketing Association
  • Globalizing North Carolina's furniture market
  • Eroding regional identity, but still some left
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  • Subjects
  • International Home Furnishings Marketing Association
  • Furniture industry and trade--Societies
  • Furniture industry and trade--North Carolina--History--20th century
  • Industries--North Carolina--History--20th century
  • Trade associations--North Carolina--History--20th century
  • High Point (N.C.)
  • Barentine, Richard
  • Business--History--20th century
  • Businesspeople--United States--History--20th century
  • Businesspeople--North Carolina--History--20th century
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