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Oral History Interview with Robert Sidney Smith, January 25, 1999. Interview I-0081. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007).
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  • Abstract
    Robert Sidney Smith, president and CEO of the National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers, discusses the hosiery industry in North Carolina and the United States, delving into its history, present challenges, and future. Smith describes the minutiae of hosiery business, such as the development of new techniques and technologies, as well as stepping back to evaluate the place of American hosiery manufacturers in the world market and the increasing need to market products as well as produce them.
  • Smith learned values from his parents, his church, and the marines
  • Innovation leads to personal and company success
  • Lobbying in Washington
  • History of the National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers
  • Consolidation of hosiery business
  • History of the hosiery industry
  • Hosiery marketing innovations
  • Technological innovations in hosiery manufacturing
  • History of the hosiery industry
  • Difficulty for the sock industry due to lack of innovation
  • A global picture of the hosiery industry
  • Effects of NAFTA on hosiery industry
  • History of unions in hosiery industry and current lack of need for them
  • Dealing with employees' needs
  • Hopes for traditional hosiery industry despite state focus on technology
  • Textiles' influence wanes on national level, strong on state level
  • Waning regional culture in North Carolina
  • Race was not an issue in the textile industry
  • Party affiliation in the post-Civil War South
  • Intrusive state government annoys Smith
  • Increased focus on marketing changes hosiery industry
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  • Subjects
  • National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers (U.S.)
  • Hosiery industry--United States
  • Hosiery workers--United States
  • Smith, Robert Sidney
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