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Oral History Interview with Stan Hyatt, November 30, 2000. Interview K-0249. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007).
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  • Abstract
    Although Stan Hyatt, the North Carolina Department of Transportation's resident engineer on the I-26 project, has helped open Madison County to new residents and industry, he is worried about the effect of opening the area to change. Nostalgia and balance dominate this interview: Hyatt remembers growing up in idyllic rural Madison County, but while he misses the past, he sees the corridor construction as a painful but necessary cure for the county's economic ills. He hopes that the environmental damage I-26 brings will not alter too drastically the environment tourists will drive there to see. This interview, like many of Rob Amberg's interviews, is more of a conversation than a question-and-answer session. Later in the interview, however, Hyatt speaks at length about the I-26 project in Madison County. Researchers interested in this subject should look to this interview for essential background on the project as well as construction details.
  • Concern about the decline of self-reliance in Madison County
  • Remembering a poor but self-reliant family
  • Concern about the decline of self-reliance in Madison County
  • A shift from valuing land for its monetary worth rather than its inherent value
  • Concern about the effect of immigration
  • A short history of US 23
  • A brief history of I-26
  • Environmental challenges when building I-26
  • The massive scope of the I-26 project
  • Pondering the purpose of the I-26 corridor
  • Considering the effects of the I-26 corridor on local wildlife
  • The construction of the I-26 corridor as painful but necessary
  • Madison County's declining population
  • The need to sacrifice to preserve the environment
  • Hoping that the I-26 corridor will bring more good than bad to Madison County
  • Hope for future technologies to ameliorate smog
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  • Subjects
  • Madison County (N.C.)
  • Express highways--North Carolina
  • Buncombe County (N.C.)--Social life and customs
  • Ohio University--Students
  • Highway engineers--North Carolina--History--20th century
  • Hyatt, Stan
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