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Oral History Interview with Thomas Samuel Hudson and Elberta Pugh-Hudson, December 18, 1999. Interview K-0283. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007).
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  • Abstract
    The Hudsons, both dedicated Christians, saw the presence of God during and after Hurricane Floyd. They explain that God helped them escape the floodwaters and oversaw an astonishing flood of generosity in the storm's aftermath, but also that God used the flood to teach painful lessons about materialism. Elberta believes firmly that God sent the flood expressly for these purposes; Thomas thinks human error caused the flooding. The Hudsons also detail their escape from rising floodwaters and some of the recovery efforts they witnessed and took part in. It might be useful to read this interview with Bert Pickett's, as the two interviews present different religious reactions to the hurricane.
  • Strong winds before Hurricane Floyd
  • A late rescue from the rising waters of Hurricane Floyd
  • Thomas's miraculous truck helps the Hudsons escape the flooding
  • Elberta saw the good in people during her stay in a shelter
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) helps the Hudsons
  • Theorizing that loosed dam water caused the flooding
  • Sadness and gratitude after Hurricane Floyd
  • Losses during the flooding teach an important lesson about materialism
  • God sent the waters to flood White Stocking
  • Debt and death, but also generosity and giving, in the storm's aftermath
  • A tolerant racial atmosphere in White Stocking
  • Whites can be decent cooks
  • Belief that FEMA is fair, but very slow-moving
  • A belief in the role of government to help its citizens
  • Organizing to take charge of rebuilding
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  • Subjects
  • North Carolina--Race relations--20th century
  • African Americans--North Carolina--Religion
  • Hurricane Floyd, 1999
  • Floods--North Carolina
  • White Stocking (N.C.)
  • Disaster relief--North Carolina
  • United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency
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