Title: Oral History Interview with George Wallace, July 15, 1974. Interview A-0024.
Identifier: A-0024
Interviewer: DeVries, Walter
Interviewee: Wallace, George
Subjects: Alabama--Politics and government    Democratic Party (Ala.)    Republican Party (Ala.)    Alabama--Race relations    Alabama--Economic conditions    Press and politics--Alabama    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  Longstanding Alabama governor and former presidential candidate George Wallace discusses Alabama politics and racial issues in the American South. Wallace speaks at length about the alienation of politicians from a majority of Americans, and explains that his success is due to his effective reconnection with this frustrated constituency. Race plays a significant role in this interview, with Wallace defending his opposition to civil rights legislation by saying he did so on behalf of states' rights and asserting that Alabama has much to offer its African American citizens. He also offers a number of insights on the state of southern politics, the region's increasing penetration into the national political consciousness, and his rehabilitation as a politician after his 1968 presidential run and an assassination attempt.