Title: Oral History Interview with Kathrine Robinson Everett, April 30, 1985. Interview C-0005.
Identifier: C-0005
Interviewer: Dean, Pamela
Interviewee: Everett, Kathrine Robinson
Subjects: Women lawyers--North Carolina    Women's rights--North Carolina    
Extent: 01:05:13
Abstract:  Kathrine Robinson Everett was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in 1894 into a Carolina family. A pioneer in women's education, Everett was educated at Columbia and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, among other schools. In 1920, she became one of the first women to graduate from the School of Law at UNC-CH and was ranked at the top of her class. In the 1920s, Everett practiced law with her father and worked to register women voters in Cumberland County, North Carolina. Following her marriage in 1926 and the birth of her son, Robinson, in 1928, Everett devoted her time to local politics. Among the things she discusses are her efforts to combine work and family.