Title: Oral History Interview with Miriam Slifkin, March 24, 1995. Interview G-0175.
Identifier: G-0175
Interviewer: Degitz, Lynne
Interviewee: Slifkin, Miriam
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  Miriam Slifkin, founder of the Orange County Rape Crisis Center, talks about her involvement in the women's movement in Orange County, North Carolina. Slifkin addresses her work both with the Rape Crisis Center (RCC) and the National Organization for Women (NOW). She especially emphasizes tensions between NOW and the RCC. Because of growing anti-feminism in the mid-1970s, she explains that the RCC dissociated itself from NOW. She also addresses tensions among women who were concerned about rapeā€”some identified themselves as feminists, whereas others did not. Other topics addressed include efforts to reform existing rape laws in North Carolina during the mid-1970s; differences and similarities between national NOW and the North Carolina state chapters; differences between the work of NOW and that of other civil liberties organizations, such as the ACLU; Slifkin's perceptions of class and race in relation to women's activism; the establishment and purposes of women's studies curriculum; and Slifkin's thoughts on education and activism in the mid-1990s.