Title: Oral History Interview with Sheila Florence, January 20, 2001. Interview K-0544.
Identifier: K-0544
Interviewer: Gilgor, Bob
Interviewee: Florence, Sheila
Subjects: School integration--North Carolina--Chapel Hill    African Americans--North Carolina--Chapel Hill    Lincoln High School (Chapel Hill, N.C.)    Segregation in education--North Carolina--Chapel Hill    Civil rights demonstrations--North Carolina--Chapel Hill    Florence, Shelia    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  Sheila Florence, among the first African Americans to desegregate Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, remembers growing up in the segregated South and working to end desegregation. She recalls the poor conditions at all-black schools in Chapel Hill and the harassment she endured when she entered the formerly all-white Chapel Hill High School. Although she was courageous enough to be a part of the desegregation of a school, she asserts that she was not brave enough to face arrest in protests. She did, however, picket with other civil rights marchers. Researchers interested in the details of life in a low-income African American community after World War II should look to the beginning of this interview for additional information.