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Interviewee:James Folsom
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James Folsom, December 28, 1974. Interview A-0319.
How a Southern Governor Opposed Racial Violence, Minority Rule, and Financial Waste in Alabama: James Folsom served as the governor of Alabama for two terms in the 1940s, during which time he worked to change racial politics and improve the plight of black Americans. As governor, he opposed the poll tax, appealed for reapportionment of state funding, and avoided campaign slogans and gimmicks based on racist rhetoric. He describes how he developed liberal ideas on race and why he believed that race was no longer a viable political issue in the South.
Interviewee: James Folsom    Interviewer: Allen Tullos, Candace Waid
Duration: 01:48:40     Annotated Excerpts: Listen to and read all 4 excerpts.