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Interviewee:Ernest Seeman
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Ernest Seeman, February 13, 1976. Interview B-0012.
Southern Printer and Writer Describes Life in Durham, North Carolina, During the Rise of the Tobacco Industry: Ernest Seeman offers a critical assessment of life in Durham, North Carolina, during the late nineteenth century. Seeman spent his early career as a printer, first as his father's apprentice and later as sole proprietor of the Seeman Printery, and he discusses interactions between his family and the Duke family. In addition, Seeman explains his increasing radicalization as head of the Duke Press from 1925 to 1934, and briefly discusses his decision to become a writer in later years.
Interviewee: Ernest Seeman    Interviewer: Mimi Conway
Duration: 02:44:21     Annotated Excerpts: Listen to and read all 9 excerpts.