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Interviewee:David Burgess
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David Burgess, September 25, 1974. Interview E-0001.
Religious Activist Reflects on Southern Labor Union Work: David Burgess discusses how his religious faith fused into his life work of social activism. In particular, he explains his involvement in labor organizing in the South.
Interviewee: David Burgess    Interviewer: Jacquelyn Hall, William Finger
Duration: 01:32:40     Annotated Excerpts: Listen to and read all 17 excerpts.
David Burgess, August 12, 1983. Interview F-0006.
Laying the Foundation for a Christian Civil Rights Movement: A northerner who followed his passion for justice south, David Burgess spent his life living his religious convictions through a devotion to economic and racial justice. Burgess recalls his involvement with some vanguard rights organizations, such as the Fellowship of Southern Churchmen, a group Burgess believes laid the foundation for a civil rights movement motivated by Christian beliefs.
Interviewee: David Burgess, David Burgess    Interviewer: Dallas A. Blanchard
Duration: 01:11:26     Annotated Excerpts: Listen to and read all 9 excerpts.