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Marguerite Tolbert, June 14, 1974. Interview G-0062.
South Carolina Educator Recalls Life Experiences: Marguerite Tolbert worked throughout her life as an educator in South Carolina public schools and universities for adult education. She describes her education and high school graduation through stories from her book, South Carolina's Distinguished Women from Laurens County. She recounts how she earned a scholarship to Winthrop College and met her teaching colleagues Wil Lou Gray and Dr. D. B. Johnson; describes local activism for women's suffrage between 1914 and 1920; and recalls encounters with leaders, including President Hoover and Jane Addams. She concludes by discussing the controversy at Winthrop College over a discrepancy in female teachers' salaries.
Interviewee: Marguerite Tolbert    Interviewer: Constance Myers
Duration: 01:21:06     Annotated Excerpts: Listen to and read all 10 excerpts.