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Interviewee:Geraldine Ray
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Geraldine Ray, September 13, 1977. Interview R-0128.
Growing Up as an Unofficial Nurse and Farm Girl in Rural North Carolina: Geraldine Ray has lived in Barnardsville, North Carolina, nearly her entire life. In this interview, she describes growing up on her family's farm, attending all-black schools, and caring for sick relatives and friends. She describes racial segregation as a problem that seemed less difficult to avoid than segregation and prejudice between local black residents. Geraldine learned several essential skills of farm life from her grandmother and then used them to support the family through illness. The interview concludes with a description of her husband—a childhood friend—and how they chose to raise their children.
Interviewee: Geraldine Ray    Interviewer: Kelly Navies
Duration: 01:21:53     Annotated Excerpts: Listen to and read all 14 excerpts.