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Flake and Nellie Meyers, August 11, 1979. Interview H-0133.
A Southern Husband and Wife Describe Life and Working Conditions: Flake and Nellie Meyers describe what it was like to live and work in and around Conover, North Carolina, during the early to mid-twentieth century. As a worker in various furniture companies and as the foreman at the Southern Desk Company, Flake Meyers describes in vivid detail the various kinds of skills involved in furniture making, the role of machinery in the industry, and workplace relationships. Nellie Meyers similarly describes the kinds of family labor systems and social customs that shaped their lives.
Interviewee: Flake Meyers, Nellie Meyers    Interviewer: Patty Dilley
Duration: 01:59:28     Annotated Excerpts: Listen to and read all 10 excerpts.