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Interviewee:Lemuel Delany
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Lemuel Delany, July 15, 2005. Interview R-0346.
Upward Mobility: From Raleigh to New York: Lemuel Delany grew up in segregated Raleigh, North Carolina, during the 1920s and 1930s before moving to Harlem in New York City. In this interview, Delany discusses race relations in the South and in the North, offers his reaction to his aunts' book Having Our Say, outlines his family's accomplishments, and explains his disapproval of some of the actions of the NAACP and his disappointment in the impact of desegregation on African American institutions.
Interviewee: Lemuel Delany    Interviewer: Kimberly Hill
Duration: 01:33:44     Annotated Excerpts: Listen to and read all 6 excerpts.