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Henry Clay Lewis, 1825-1850 and Felix Octavius Carr Darley, 1822-1888, illustrated by
Odd Leaves from the Life of a Louisiana "Swamp Doctor." In "The Swamp Doctor's Adventures in the South-West. Containing the Whole of the Louisiana Swamp Doctor; Streaks of Squatter Life; and Far-Western Scenes; in a Series of Forty-Two Humorous Southern and Western Sketches, Descriptive of Incidents and Character. By "Madison Tensas," M.D., and "Solitaire," (John S. Robb, of St. Louis, Mo.) Author of "Swallowing Oysters Alive," etc.".
Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson, [1858].
List of Illustrations

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Peterson's Illustrated Uniform Edition of Humorous American Works

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Swamp Doctor's Adventures in the South-West. Illustrated. T. B. Peterson

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"My cloak flew open as I fell, and the force of the fall bursting its envelope, out, in all the hideous realities, rolled the infernal imp of darkness."—Page 137.

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"The way that bar's flesh giv in to the soft impresshuns of that leg, war an honor to the mederkal perfeshun for having invented sich weepun."—Page 175.

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"She tuk off her shoe, and the way a No. 10 go-to-meetin' brogan commenced givin' a hoss particular Moses, were a caution to hoss-flesh."—Page 52.

"But hardly had he reached the deck, when he discovered the monster rattlesnake—his head drawn back ready for striking."—Page 69.

"And the huge form of the dead Panther was lying by my side, with the pocket holding the valerian firmly clenched in his teeth."—Page 101.

"Closer and firmer his gripe closed upon my throat, barring out the sweet life's breath."—Page 199.