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Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, 1790-1870
Georgia Scenes: Characters, Incidents, &c., in the First Half Century of the Republic.
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1850, c1840.
List of Illustrations

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A Lincoln Rehearsal

Blossom & his horse Bullet

p. 45.
Ned Brace at Church

Ned Brace & the Little man at a Funeral

p. 55.
Ransy Sniffle.

p. 79.
Michael St. John, the School Master, effecting an entrance by storm.

p. 101.
Another would buss her because she was George's wife.

p. 146.
Militia Drill

p. 152.
Hurrying to the races.

p. 162.
Hardy Slow & Tobias Swift.

p. 175.
The Fox hunt.

p. 184.
The Wax Works
Danl. Lambert, Sleeping beauty & Genl. Washington.