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Thomas Nelson Page, 1853-1922, Genevieve Cowles, b. 1871, illustrated by, and Maude Cowles, 1871-1905, illustrated by
Social Life in Old Virginia before the War.
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1897.
List of Illustrations

"Tall lilies, white as angels' wings and stately as the maidens that walked among them."
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The Plantation House.

[A Chair and Flowers]

"There the guns were kept."

"Bookcases filled with brown-backed, much-read books."



A Typical "Mammy."

[Little Girls in Bonnets]

[Little Boys with a Rabbit]

"The test of the men's prowess."

The Exclusive Property of the Mistress.

The Mistress.

"His thoughts dwelt upon serious things."

An Old Virginia Sideboard.

"She was never anything but tender with the others."

"The Butler was apt to be severe, and was feared."

The Lady and the Ox-Cart.

An Old-fashioned Grist-Mill.

A Colonial Stove.

Dressing the Church.

"At last the 'big gate' is reached."

The Virginia Reel.

A Negro Wedding.

A Typical Negro Cabin.