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Francis Hopkinson Smith, 1838-1915
Colonel Carter of Cartersville.
Boston; New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company; Cambridge [Mass.]: Riverside Press, c1891.
List of Illustrations

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"My fire is my friend."—Page 27.
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[The Street Entrance]

[Chad "dishin' the Dinner"]

["Gentlemen, a true Southern lady"]


["Chad was groaning under a square wicker basket"]

["The little negroes around the door"]

["Who's that?"]

[The old Clock Tower]

[Mister Grocerman]

[The Colonel's Office]

[The Advance Agent]

[The Nervous Man]

["Like an ebony Statue of Liberty"]

["Down a flight of stone steps"]

["Klutchem looked at him in perfect astonishment"]

[The Colonel's Door]

[Polishing the Parlor Floor]


[Some Stray Pickaninnies]

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