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Title: "Laws and Regulations for the University of North Carolina," August 2, 1795: Electronic Edition.
Author: University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees
Editor: Erika Lindemann
Funding from the State Library of North Carolina supported the electronic publication of this title.
Text transcribed by Erika Lindemann
Images scanned by Mara E. Dabrishus
Text encoded by Natalia Smith
First Edition, 2005
Size of electronic edition: ca. 21K
Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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written by Lindemann, Erika
Title of collection: Pettigrew Family Papers (#592), Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: "Laws and Regulations for the University of North Carolina," August 2, 1795.
Author: University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees.
Transcribed by John Pettigrew
Description: 16 pages, 20 page images
Note: Call number 592 (Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Education/UNC Administration
Education/UNC Curriculum
Education/UNC Faculty, Staff, and Servants
Education/UNC Student Life
Writings by Non-Students
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Document Summary

Pettigrew's copy of University regulations addresses the duties of the president, faculty, and students and includes rules governing classes and examinations, study hours and vacations, moral and religious duties, financial obligations, and trials and punishments.
"Laws and Regulations for the University of North Carolina," August 2, 17951
University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees

Cover page

Title page

Page 1

Duty of President Professors &c.

1st That the Presedent or in his absence the next in office superintend all the studies & particularly those of the senior class, & that every other teacher attend diligently on his respective Class.
2nd That the president or other officers perform morning & evening prayer & examine the Students each Sunday evening on the questions previously given them on the genral principles of Morality & religion.

Page 2
3rd That untill a professor shall be appointed for the purpose, the President or next officer shall deliver a lecture once in the week on the principles of Agriculture; Botany, Zoology, Mineralogy or Commerce.
4th That the officers of the University collectively be called the faculty & that they have power to make temporary regulations in the recess of the board, & to inflict any punishment herein after mentioned.
5th That the president or next officer report annually or oftener if called upon to the trustees, the state of the

Page 3
University, diligence of the teachers, conduct of the Students & steward, & the necesity of makeing & repealing laws.
6th That no President or other officer be removed from his place without a fair hearing before the Authority from which he derived his appointment.

Duty of the Students

Of the Classes, Examinations &c.

1st That there be four literary Classes to be entered on annually & distinguished by the appellation

Page 4
of first, second, third & fourth.
2nd That none be admitted into the first literary class as students, untill they shall have passed a competent examination by the faculty on B Caesars Commentaries, Salust, Ovid, & Virgil or Other latin Boks equivolent & the Greek Grammar.
3rd That the exercise of this Class be the study of English Grammer, Roman antiquities & such parts of the roman historians, orators, & poets as may seem necessary to the Officers of the University; together

Page 5
with the study of the Greek Testament. It is to be understood that in case the studies allotted to the classes for this or the two following years shall be more than they can perform, then part of the same shall be taken up on the following year; But in case the class shall have performed the assigned duties before the end of the year then they shall anticipate part of the duties of the following year.
4th That none be admitted into the second or any other class untill they shall have passed a Competent

Page 6
examination on the exercise of the preceding Class.
5th That the exercise of the second class be Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Geography including the use of the Globe Grecian, Antiquities and Greek Classies.
6th That the exercises of the third class be the Mathematicks, Geomatry, Surveying, Navigation, Algebra, Natural Philosophy & astronomy.
7th That the exercise of the fourth class be Logic, Moral Philosophy Principles of civil Govenment, Chronology, history antient & Modern, the Bell lettre,

Page 7
& the revisal of what ever may appear necessary to the officers of the University.
8th That they who only choose to study the sciences & the english Language be either formed into a class called the Scientific class, or else aranged with some of the literary classes when they shall be studying the sciences
9th That they who shall enter the third or fouth classes not not haveing been students in former classes shall pay a certain sum for the use of the University. That is to say for admission into the third class at or after the

Page 8
middle stage of its Progress the sum of eight dollars, for entrance into the fourth class at any stage from the begining to the middle period, the sum of twelve & a half dollars & from the Middle period to the end the sum of fifteen dollars.
10th That in addition to the annual examinations, there shall be three quarterly examinations.

Time of Study, Vacations, &c.

11th That the students shall decently attend Prayers

Page 9
every morning & evening. That morning prayer shall be at sunrise.
12th That from Prayers to breakefast be study hours breakfast to be at Eight Oclock.
13th That One hour be allowed for Breakfast & amusement after which shall follow three hours of study & recitation (,i,e, untill 12 Oclock).
14th That study hours commence again at two o'clock, & continue untill prayers at five Oclock, after which shall be a vacation untill 8 Oclock, when the students

Page 10
shall retire to their respective lodgings & not leave them, without consent of their teacher untill prayers next morning.
15th That each class have a monitor, to be appointed by the teacher who shall note down those absent without leave, & the disordely & the Vitious.
16th That all the students speak read or exhibit composition on saturday, A.M. & the same day P. M. be allowed them for amusement.

Duties moral & religious.

Page 11
17th That all the students attend divine service on the sabbath, & Evening examination on the general principles of religion & morality, that they reverence the sabbath use no profane language nor speak disrespetfully of religion, or any religious denomination of poeople. That they be not allowed to keep any ardent spirits in their Rooms nor associate with evil company, that they shall not play at any game of hazard or any other kind of game, nor make bets they shall treat their teachers with respect & also each other, according to the honour due to each class.

Page 12

Pecuniary Duties.

18th That each the Students in each room pay eight dollars Per year, to be paid half yearly in advance to the Professor or president having the care of the University, for roomrent, repair accidental damages & for wilful damages pay fourfold. If the author of the damage cannot be ascertained, the damage shall be asses'd on the whole number of students in the University.
19th The students in general shall observe the rules

Page 13
of decency & cleanliness.
20th No Student shall be admitted to the honour of a degree untill he shall have sttled all his pecuniary accounts at the University.
21st Each student shall prepare a book into which he shall enter these laws.

Of Trials & Punishments.

22nd The Student charged shall have timely notice, & testamony taken on the most solemn assurance, shall by the

Page 14
faculty or trustees be deemed valid, without calling on a magistrate to administer an oath in legal form.
23rd The punishments & grades of punishments shall be 1st admonition by any officer of the University 2nd admonition by the faculty 3rd admonition before the whole University, 4th Admonition before the trustees, 5th suspension. 6th Total & final expulsion.
24th No pecuniary mulcets shall be inflicted for non attendane on Prayers or recitation, but besides admonition the officer of the University may transmit an abstract

Page 15
of the monitors bill as often as he choses, with a statement of the students negligence to his Guardian
25th That the monitors bill be called for pulickly every monday evening & every transgressoon r of thes laws be brought to an account.
26th That these laws be publickly read once every year before the whole University or oftener if judged necessary & that one oftener officer of the University deliver to the students an address on the necessity & advantage of observing the laws; or that a student from the classes

Page 16
in rotation be appointed for that purpose.
27th That the sum of one Shilling per week be imposed on those Students who do not live at Commons. which shall be paid to the steward.
A True Coppy. {Finis.} Laws made by the Trustees.

Transcribed by John Pettigrewlink opens in a new window .

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1. Pettigrew Family Papers, SHC. The first curriculum for the University was adopted by the board of trustees on February 6, 1795, and each student was required to copy out the "laws and regulations."John Pettigrew'slink opens in a new window copy survives. The front and back covers of this 4-by-6 1/4-inch booklet are decorated with a hand-drawn grid. The title "Laws & regulations/for the/University of North=/Carolina" is written on the front cover. The back cover contains the endorsement "John Pettigrewlink opens in a new window Ejus Liber./August 2. Anno Domini/1795." An endorsement on the verso of the last leaf reads as follows: "The Subscriber moved his Family from Bertie in Feb [unrecovered] to Tyrrell in Feb. 1797, & went to live in his new house in March 1799.— Charles Pettigrewlink opens in a new window ." (See page 17 image.) The document previously has been published in Connor 1:375-79 and Knight 3:26-30. Catchwords at the bottom of each page have not been transcribed.