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Title: Letter from Hector J. McNeill to Daniel C. and Ann M. McNeill, August 18, 1852: Electronic Edition.
Author: McNeill, Hector J., d. 1860
Editor: Erika Lindemann
Funding from the State Library of North Carolina supported the electronic publication of this title.
Text transcribed by Erika Lindemann, Tammy Foulk, and Stephanie Clemente
Images scanned by Mara E. Dabrishus
Text encoded by Brian Dietz
First Edition, 2005
Size of electronic edition: ca. 13K
Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Title of collection: Hector James McNeill Letters (#475-z), Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Letter from Hector J. McNeill to Daniel C. and Ann M. McNeill, August 18, 1852
Author: Hector J. McNeill
Description: 3 pages, 4 page images
Note: Call number 475-z (Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Document Summary

McNeill informs his parents that he has entered college and found a room; he details what it will cost to attend, reports on recent statewide elections, and announces that he is going to a singing school.
Letter from Hector J. McNeilllink opens in a new window to Daniel C. and Ann M. McNeill, August 18, 18521
McNeill, Hector J., d. 1860

Page 1

Chapel Hill N.C. Augt 18th/52

Dear Mother & Father,

According to promise I now write these few lines. I am well with the exception of a sore mouth which is now getting well. I got to this place on the 2nd day after I left Faytt perfectly safe & found all the Robeson boys well.
I have got into Colledge by having to make up two studies & also two that the class commenced this session. I am not very well satisfied—being a little behind my class I shall have to study very hard & close all the time—and there is the greatest amount of profanity used certainly of2 any other place & upon the whole it is a very dissipated place. The longer I stay the better I like it. I have got a room in Colledge with a man named Robinsonlink opens in a new window from Warren Co.. he is in the Senior class & thus far is a very good fellow. D.E. McNairlink opens in a new window had the room engaged for me & it is on the same passage & opposite the McNair'slink opens in a new window room. I have rented a very good bed for $4.00—I had no furnature to buy but 2 chairs the room being furnished by MrRobinson. I am boarding at the Hotel at $10 per month—We have the best table that I ever saw—every thing upon it that is good but bacon & collards. I did not like the fair much at first but begin to like it better. I cannot take any excercise only by walking & I have no time for that I shall try & take some however.

Page 2
I had company all the way up & I only eat one meal that in Raleigh—I saw Col Little—he had written you a few days before & said that would he write you again in a few days relative to DS.. & IMN,s claim & S.T. also. He seems to think & is in good hopes of get all these claims allowed & he says that the buisness was better executed than any he has ever had any thing to do with—He says your are just the kind of a buisness man he likes to see. I was in his house & talked to him half an hour & I think him to be a upright honest good man.
There is 75 students in my class & between 250 & 300 in college & 145 or 150 boarding where I do. All the Robeson boys have got into college—Some of their feeling were hurt very much that Jas. Davis was not elected & others rejoiced at it.
I have to pay $4.00 for my washing & $1.15 1.25 for brushing shoes.
Cyrus. opens in a new window ...... is here & is well—He got a letter from cousin E A.E. a few days ago she was well & got home before he left (Cyruslink opens in a new window )
There is no news afloat in this country—a great deal about the election. Reedlink opens in a new window is elected Govnor with an increased majority— Legislature is whig on a joint ballot by 2 or 4 majority.
I have not yet got all the books that I need. one of the tutors sent to Raleigh for them but they

Page 3
have not come yet. I am going to a singing school to Mr Root at $3.00 per scholar. You will not like this part of my course but it is the best that I can do. Tutor Philipslink opens in a new window had a class but he has quit it & now goes to Mr Root.
I am so much upset by noise &c &c thay I cannot settle my mind long enough to wright you a sesible letter or at least a satisfactory one. Give my love to Cate Mag & Cylink opens in a new window & my respects to all enquiring friends

I am your affectionate son

Hector Jas. McNeilllink opens in a new window

To Father & Mother.

Write me soon—I want to hear from home very much

Envelope page


1. Hector James McNeill Papers, SHC. The letter is addressed "Danl C McNeill Esqr /St Paul,s/ Robeson Co/N.C." but bears no evidence of postage or a postmark.

2. McNeilllink opens in a new window wrote f on top of n.