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Title: Dialectic Society Minutes, September 25 and 26, 1857: Electronic Edition.
Author: University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Dialectic Society
Editor: Erika Lindemann
Funding from the State Library of North Carolina supported the electronic publication of this title.
Text transcribed by Erika Lindemann
Images scanned by Mara E. Dabrishus
Text encoded by Brian Dietz
First Edition, 2005
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Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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This transcribed document is part of a digital collection, titled True and Candid Compositions: The Lives and Writings of Antebellum Students in North Carolina
written by Lindemann, Erika
Title of collection: Dialectic Society Records (#40152), University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Dialectic Society Minutes, September 25 and 26, 1857
Author: Dialectic Society
Description: 3 pages, 3 page images
Note: Call number 40152 (University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Topics covered:
Education/UNC Student Associations
Politics and Government/Political Issues
Examples of Student Writing/Debating Society Writings
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Document Summary

Minutes of the September 25, 1857, meeting of the Dialectic Society report on the admission of new members. A debate "Should Congress pass an international copyright law?" was decided in the affirmative, principals for the next debate were appointed, and 38 members were fined. Minutes for the meeting on September 26, 1857, report that two students gave orations, that the "third class" composed and the "fourth" declaimed, that several students were appointed to various offices, and that 21 students were fined.
Dialectic Society Minutes, September 25 and 26, 18571
University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Dialectic Society

Page 115

Dialectic Hall. Sept. 25th/57
Friday night
Society convened at the usual hour; President took the chair and called the house to order. The Sec. read the proceedings of the last meeting, which were approved. Upon motion of Mr Hamlin Mr McClure was admitted as a regular member of our Society. Messrs Hamlin and Gilmer were appointed to conduct the gentleman in. Upon motion of Mr Thos. Cowan, Sr, Mr Strong was granted six weeks indulgence, and upon motion of Mr Martin, Mr Thos. Cowan was granted the same privilege. Mr Buchanan then moved that he be granted a copy of Judge Gaston's speech, together with one of Mr. Hooper's .2
Regular duties being next in order the following query was debated by the first and second classes, Viz "Should Congress pass an international copyright law?"—the first class having the affirmative. Decided in favor of the 2nd class. The query for the next night's discussion reads as follows,—"Is a Republican form of Government more stable than a Limited Monarchy?"—to be debated by the third and fourth classes, the former having the affirmative; Mr Knapp will open the debate and Mr Stockton will reply. The President appointed Mr W. Williams to act on the part of the 3rd class and Mr Preud'homme on that of the 4th.
Election of officers being next in order the following gentlemen were elected to fill the following offices R Marsh President, Coffin , Vice, McClammy, Treasurer, Barry Librarian, McCaskill Museum Keeper, Tatum, Arcives Keeper, Bond, Recorder. The Pres appointed the following Gentlemen monitors on their respective passages, McKellar, Barry, J. A. Graham, Hamlin, McCaskill, Alexander, Garrett, Murphy, Barry , Martin & Swayze. Croom moved by request that the next question be referred. Lost. The Treasurer made his report, which was received.
Officers and monitors making their report the following gentlemen were fined, viz,
[J] Morehead .50 Wormely 2.50 L. Sykes 1.35
Joe Morehead .85 J. Jones 1.85 Thompson .60
Puryear 1.50 Hay 1.00 Lee .25

Page 116
Brooks .25 .25 Weir .10 Conrad .50
McKaskill .25 R Bullock .93 T. Hill .50
Pearson 1.55 Nicholson .35 Gregory .50
Barry 1.40 Brodie .50 W. Mebane .50
Bond .45 G. Bullock .50 Pegram .50
Buchanan .50 Tatum .10 Fogle .10
McKellar 1.00 Gaines .50 E. Jones .10
West .50 A Bullock .10 Hamlin .30
Croom .30 T Smith .20 T Jarratt .10
Soph. Adams .30 Hightower .30
Sum of Fines $23.58¢
There being no further business the Society adjourned until tomorrow morning.

L. M McAfee . Pres.
W. B. Lynch. Vice Pres
Cornelius Mebane Rec.
per Jas. P. Coffin Recorder pro tem.

Dialectic Hall Sept 26th/857
The Society met at the usual hour. Vice President took the chair and called the house to order. The Secetary being absent W F Foster was appointed, Pro. tem,. The minutes of preceding meeting were read and approved. There being no resolutions or regular motions Senior Orations were called for and the following gentlemen performed. Hammond subject "National Extravagancs" McCartney "Influence of Ambition" The Orators for next meeting are McConnaughey, Marsh and McAlister. Regular duties being next in order the third Class proceeded to compose and fourth to declaim. Missrs Smith and Stockton were appointed correctors pro. tem. Order of process for next Saturday, first class declaim, second compose Under head of irregular motions Mr Somerville moved that Mr Troup,s composition be filed. Lost. Mr Whitfield moved that Mr Hammond,s speech be filed. Carried. Mr Taylor moved that Mr McCartney,s speech be filed. Lost. Mr Ely moved that "he be granted two catalogues for friends. Carried. The following gentlemen were appointed sub Librarians. B Moore McCaskill A Cole Settle, Wier, and Nicholson. Officers & Monitors making their reports the following gentlemen were fined

Page 117
$ cts $ cts $ cts
Alexander 1.20 J. Little .60 Wright .10
Sillers 1.50 H Taylor .20 Marshall .35
(Junior) Richmond 1.75 N. Williams .10 Adams .20
J Morehead .10 J. Jones .10 West .10
Long .50 Martin .40 Hunt .25
J Mebane .50 E. Jones .10 Ely .25
B. Moore .70 C Green .10 Weir .10
Sum of fines $9.20 cts
There being no farther business the Society adjourned

L. M. McAfee . Pres.
W. B. Lynch Vice Pres
Cornl Mebane Sec.
W. F. Foster Sec. pro. tem.


2. William Gaston , Address Delivered before the Philanthropic and Dialectic Societies at Chapel Hill, June 20, 1832 (Raleigh: Joseph Gales & Son, 1832); and William Hooper , The Force of Habit (Philadelphia: J. W. Martin and W. K. Boden, 1833).