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Title: Resolution, [January 1861] : Electronic Edition.
Author: Thomson, Alfred Grayson, 1838-1863
Author: Garrett, Franklin, b. 1840
Author: Ross, Jesse Goodwin, 1840-1862
Author: Taylor, Simon Henderson, 1840-1861
Author: Davidson, Thomas Benjamin, 1840-1864
Author: Michie, William Cochran, b. 1840
Editor: Erika Lindemann
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Images scanned by Mara E. Dabrishus
Text encoded by Amanda Page
First Edition, 2005
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Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Title of collection: Thomas Benjamin Davidson Papers (#1922-z), Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Resolution, [January 1861]
Author: Alfred Grayson Thomson, 1838-1863
Author: Franklin Garrett, b. 1840
Author: Jesse Goodwin Ross, 1840-1862
Author: Simon Henderson Taylor, 1840-1861
Author: Thomas Benjamin Davidson, 1840-1864
Author: William Cochran Michie, b. 1840
Description: 3 pages, 3 page images
Note: Call number SHC 1922-z (Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Topics covered:
Education/UNC Student Associations
Politics and Government/Government and Governing Bodies
Politics and Government/Political Issues
Examples of Student Writing/Petitions
War/Civil War
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Document Summary

A resolution signed by fifteen students, who volunteer to return home to defend Louisiana, which seceded from the Union on January 26, 1861.
Resolution, [January 1861]1
Thomson, Alfred Grayson, 1838-1863
Garrett, Franklin, b. 1840
Ross, Jesse Goodwin, 1840-1862
Taylor, Simon Henderson, 1840-1861
Davidson, Thomas Benjamin, 1840-1864
Michie, William Cochran, b. 1840

Page 1
At a meeting of all the students from Louisiana, at the University of North Carolina, A. G. Thomson of Franklin being called to the chair and T. B. Davidson of De Soto, being appointed secretary of the meeting, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:
Whereas, fanatics at the north after years of toilesome and untiring labor, to wrest from the South her most cherished liberties, have at last gained an influence and power, which, if not promptly resisted, must soon subvert her rights as free,2 and reduce her to the mean condition of a dependency, upon the North, Louisiana feeling this, has found the necessity of resuming again her soverign powers, and dares to act, in an independent soverign capacity, and protect the rights of her citizens feeling conscious in the justice of her cause, the Power that shapes events, and guides the destinies of nations, will not forsake her in the hour of trouble; but guide her safely, through the storms of political agitation: Therefore:

Page 2
Resolved, That we, Students from the state of Louisiana, at the University of North Carolina, hartily approve and admire the prompt, and decided action of His Excellency Gov Moore , in seizing, and occupying with State troops the Forts, and other Federel property within the limits of our State, which, being erected for our protection, might by delay, or a reasoning policy on the part of the Governor , have become, (instead of offering protection) Strongholds for our enemies, to wage a bloody warfare upon those, they were designed to protect,
Resolved, That being deeply impressed with sentiments of patriotism for the honor of our beloved state; we are ready to forsake the peaceful duties of a college life, and take up the sword, in defence of that sacred Liberty, we have been taught to cherish from our earliest childhood; and in defence of that Institution, at once our pride, and the source of all our health and prosperity.
Resolved, That we tender our services to the State, through His Excellency Gov Moor , who, when she needs them, may inform us by Telegraph, in order that we may immediately set out for the scene of action.

Page 3
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to the Governor of Louisiana; and copies also sent to the New Orleans Daily "Delta" and "Crescent," for publication.3

A. G. Thomson of Franklin, President.
Frank Garrett , Ouachita, Committee
Jesse G. Ross , De Soto, Committee
Simon H. Taylor , Arozelles., Committee
T. B. Davidson , De Soto, Committee
Wm C. Michie , Morehouse Pa[rish]
Alcée Dupré St Landry"
Ovide Dupré St Martins
Albert G. Moore St Landry
Alex Dejean "
Adolphe Lastraps "
H. H Price , New Orleans
H. H. Bryan Jr "
H. A. Kennedy Claiborne
W. L. Quarles "


1. Thomas Benjamin Davidson Papers, SHC. The resolution is a draft. Though undated, it was composed in late January and signed by fifteen students from Louisiana. Louisiana adopted its Ordinance of Secession on January 26, 1861.

2. Someone inserted in pencil a comma after rights and crossed out "as free."

3. The resolution appeared in the New Orleans Daily Crescent on February 11, 1861, p. 2.