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"The First Century of the First State University" has truly been a group project. The idea for the collection came from Larry P. Alford, a long-time librarian and loyal University of North Carolina alumnus (B.A. 1973; M.S.L.S. 1977). As Acting University Librarian in Spring 2004, Mr. Alford funded the collection and appointed library staff members to work on it. Funding was continued by Sarah C. Michalak, who became University Librarian in the fall of that year. Financial support was generously provided by the Samuel and Gertrude Willis Fund and the Hill Inn Fund.

Eileen McGrath, of the North Carolina Collection, led the content development team, which was comprised of Janis Holder, Susan Ballinger, and Bari Helms, of the University Archives; and Jason Tomberlin, also of the North Carolina Collection. The team compiled the bibliography, which was edited by Jennifer Townes. James L. Leloudis, Professor of History at UNC-Chapel Hill, served as the collection's scholarly advisor.

At Documenting the American South, Natalia Smith, along with Dongqing Xie and Elizabeth McAulay, led the digital publishing initiative, with colleagues Brian Dietz, Sarah Ficke, Risa Mulligan, Amanda Page, Jennifer Larson, and Jesse Brown.

Bari Helms transcribed the majority of the manuscript materials, with editing performed by Janis Holder. Susan Ballinger, Bari Helms, Janis Holder, Eileen McGrath, and Jason Tomberlin wrote the section introductions; Susan Ballinger and Elizabeth McAulay edited the text. Janis Holder created the timeline. Jennifer Townes, with the assistance of Susan Ballinger, wrote the historical essays for the campus buildings. Biographies and identifications were done by Cynthia Adams, Donna Cornick, Alice Cotten, Janis Holder, Eileen McGrath, Jason Tomberlin, and Laura Smith; Jennifer Larson edited them. James L. Leloudis and William R. Burk, Librarian, John N. Couch Biology Library, UNC-Chapel Hill, each contributed his insights into various periods and aspects of the University through scholarly essays.

Lisa Norberg and Kimberley Vassiliadis, from UNC-Chapel Hill's Library Instructional Services, provided advice on site design and usability. Celine Noel and Wanda Gunther cataloged this collection. The catalog record is available in OCLC's WorldCat.

Thank you to the individuals and organizations who collaborated with us to make this collection possible. In particular, thanks to Anna Heroy for permission to digitize Blackwell P. Robinson's The History of Escheats; to the University of North Carolina Press for permission to use transcriptions from R. D. W. Connor's A Documentary History of the University of North Carolina, 1776-1799; to the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Libary, Columbia University, for permission to reproduce Alexander Jackson Davis's "Addition at North End, 40 by 42, to Each Dormitory Building at Chapel Hill, N.C., 1852"; and to the Archives and Records Section, North Carolina State Archives, for permission to reproduce "William Richardson Davie's Bill to Establish the University of North Carolina, [November 12, 1789]."