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To learn more about what materials are available at UNC-Chapel Hill in all of the topic areas conceived as part of this collection (including materials that are not available online), please click on the topic below to review a full bibliography of pertinent materials.

This bibliography can serve as the starting point for students, scholars, and others interested in using primary source materials to research the first one hundred years of the University of North Carolina's history. Most of the titles in the bibliography are from the North Carolina Collection, the Southern Historical Collection, and University Archives, departments in the University's Wilson Library. These works are primary documents rather than widely available published texts. It was our intention to identify unique or scarce materials that contain useful and illuminating information on the University's history. We have selected items that tell important stories of the University's past-its creation, the development of the campus and its buildings, the intellectual life on the campus, the people who came here to study and work, and the ways that state and national issues affected the University.

The collections of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library are rich with documents that illuminate the first one hundred years of the University's history. This bibliography is our selection of the materials that best document the University in its first century. The materials on the First Century of the First State University site are a subset of this list. We will continue to add documents to the site as additional resources become available. We welcome your suggestions for additions.

The bibliography is arranged by topic and subtopic. Within each category, published materials are listed first, followed by manuscript materials. Published materials are arranged alphabetically. The manuscript materials are arranged first by repository and then by collection name or number. Within a collection, items are listed chronologically, earliest first.

The bibliography was developed by Susan Ballinger, Janis Holder, Eileen McGrath, and Jason Tomberlin, all staff members of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library, and project Research Assistant Bari Helms. Final editing of the bibliography was done by Jennifer Townes, a Research Assistant in the North Carolina Collection.

We thank the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University, and the North Carolina State Archives for permission to include materials from their collections.