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Joseph Caldwell's Books and Spectacles

Joseph Caldwell's books and spectacles

These books and spectacles belonged to Joseph Caldwell, who was presiding professor and president of the University of North Carolina from 1796 to 1797, 1799 to 1812, and 1816 to 1835. The spectacles are housed in the North Carolina Collection Gallery, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library. The books, which were Caldwell's, are The American Preacher, or, A Collection of Sermons From Some of the Most Eminent Preachers Now Living in the United States of Different Denominations in the Christian Church, Volume IV (New Haven, Conn.: A. Morse, 1793); Joan of Arc: An Epic Poem, Robert Southey (Boston: Manning & Loring, 1798); and The Elements of Natural or Experimental Philosophy, Tiberius Cavallo (Philadelphia: Thomas Dobson, 1813).