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Title: Account of Disbursements by William Nichols, September 1, 1826: Electronic Edition.
Author: Nichols, William
Funding from the University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill supported the electronic publication of this title.
Text transcribed by Bari Helms
Images scanned by Bari Helms
Text encoded by Risa Mulligan
First Edition, 2005
Size of electronic edition: ca. 24K
Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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The electronic edition is a part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill digital library, Documenting the American South.
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Title of collection: University of North Carolina Papers (#40005), University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Account of Disbursements by William Nichols, September 1, 1826
Author: William Nichols
Description: 3 pages, 4 page images
Note: Call number 40005 (University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Account of Disbursements by William Nichols, September 1, 1826
Nichols, William

Page 1
Acct. of disbursement by Wm Nichols for labour and materials in repairing the Presidents House and Stewards Hall ; getting timbers, making brick, and building the new Chapel ; taking down Cupola from South College , repairing the roof, and building a Belfrey in the yard agreeably with instructions given by the Building Committee in March 18241

Paid Due
James Winfree a Bricklayer (as per Bill) $24.75
Abraham Spurling do dos do do 54.40 39.75
John S. Hardy do do 8.25
Henry & Peter do 2 ¾ mo each @ $218.00 99.00
Attomon do do 49.50
Harry & Dick do 1 ¼ mo— 20 25.00
Nelson & Luke do 2 ¾ -- 18 99
Thos Pendergrass Labourer as per Bill 65 10—
Pleasant Henderson do 10..
Ned & Clayton Masons 2 ¾ each 9 49.50
Burrell Bird do Bill 20
Lewis Parton 3
John Crittendon Brickmaker do 53
John King hire of boy & horse 7.20
Chas Lewis bill for bacon $30.10 do for board $35.00 for nails $6.25 71.35 5.87 ½
Cain & Moore2 for nails $5.40 Wm H. Hill for do $11.47 ½ 16.87 ½
John Ricks3 for hair 5.00
Thos Sears4 hauling rock 9.00
Eli Smith do lime 45.75
Willm Boylan do do 31.02
Jane Craig board of hands 14.70
Moses Pratt hauling lime 44.68
Jos Wm Peace for Nails 5.20
Wm Nichols for Bacon 60.00
Jms. Williams for Plank 9.56
Benjn Rhodes for Brick 100 50.40
P. Lyon for Nails 25.31
John Lewis do 21.44 ½ 5.60
Leml Morgan for a rock quarry 14
Jn. Robb for disbursement as per Receipt 100
Henry Merritt for Plank & as per Bill 10 244.10
Christr Barber Smiths work & do 140.87 ½
Disbursements by Jno D Barr do 16.05
Jno D Barr for labour do 54.70 129.05
Bryan Kittrell for boarding hands 50.00
-------------- --------------
1208.20 685.64

Page 2
Amount Brought Over $1208.20 685.64
Cave & Yancy's bill for medical attendance to hands 14.75
Frances Reeder for Tin gutters 19.00
Mann Patterson Plank 57.65
John Robbs bill for masons work on the foundation of Chapel including the face @ rock in the plinth Steps and window sills & the steps & some Capitals, & Bars of the Portoco, the foundation & plinth of the Belfry 775.60
Wm Williams for white Lead 20.00
Wm Nichols for a rope & spikes 22.60
Thos Sears for Shingles 20.00 43.00
John Copley do 20.00
John Marlett for labour 54.38 ½
John Branch hire of Negro in 1824 15.00 74.20
Wm Nichols bill for Sundries 1844.32 ½
Jeremiah Gardner for labour 9.10
Jacob Lugh's Bill 2.50
Richd Smith do for Ironmongery 9.65
-------------- --------------
$1341.43 3508.15

Page 3
The Trustees of the University of North Carolina in a/c with Wm Nichols
To Cash advanced at sundry times for Trustees as per vouchers passed on $1341.43
Disbursements for labour, waggoning, & 3508.16
Labour of Coln Polk's Carpenters from 1st Jany. 1825 to 5th August as per certified rate 158.33
Labour of do from 13th Sept. 1825 to 5 Aug. 1826 725.30
Commissions to Agent on $6000 expended 360.00
By Cash recd. at sundry times $1033.00
Warrant Sept. 1st 1826 418.55 ⅔
By Cash Dec. 8 2440.00
By three Warrants in favour of Coln Polk 1383.63
By warrant in favour of John Robb 775.60
By due Bill to balance 542.44

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1. Included in Nichols's list are a number of men—Henry, Peter, Attoman, Harry, Dick, Nelson, Luke, Ned, and Clayton—who were probably enslaved African Americans working as bricklayers on buildings at the University of North Carolina in the 1820s.

2. Cain & Moore was possibly a local business that dealt in building supplies.

3. Possibly John Ricks of Guilford County, NC.

4. Probably Thomas Sears of Granville County, NC.