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Title: Letter from Walter Alves to John Haywood, July 29, 1801: Electronic Edition.
Author: Alves, Walter
Funding from the University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill supported the electronic publication of this title.
Text transcribed by Bari Helms
Images scanned by Bari Helms
Text encoded by Sarah Ficke
First Edition, 2005
Size of electronic edition: ca. 11K
Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
The electronic edition is a part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill digital library, Documenting the American South.
Languages used in the text: English
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2005-11-11, Sarah Ficke finished TEI/XML encoding.
Title of collection: University of North Carolina Papers (#40005), University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Letter from Walter Alves to John Haywood, July 29, 1801
Author: Walter Alves
Description: 3 pages, 4 page images
Note: Call number 40005 (University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Letter from Walter Alves to John Haywood , July 29, 1801
Alves, Walter

Page 1
Snowhill 29th July 1801

Dear Sir,

Soon after my return from the University I wrote you inclosing the Resolutions entered into by the Committee of Building Commissioners. When they determined to arrest the progress of the Main building at the top of the first story, they were influenced, as well by the desire of saving the funds of the Institution, as by a belief, founded upon the information they then obtained, that the carrying up of the walls to the heighth would consume all or nearly all the materials on hand, this calculation it now appears has been very erronious as the walls to the top of the first story will be finished in a few days & I am informed by Mr Henderson that nearly 100,000 bricks and 800 or 1000 bushels shells will be left on hand, and he has made application to know whether the walls are to proceed until the materials are exhausted or to be stopped at the top of the first story — You will observe that the resolution altho' it directs the building to cease at that height seems also to contemplate that it would require all the materials on hand — A question therefore arises, whether we will stop the walls now, with so large a quantity of materials remaining,

Page 2
which was not anticipated at the time the Committee decided on the business, or whether we will [incur] a further expence of $500, which Mr Henderson supposes the workmanship will amount to, besides the rubbing of Bricks for a Facie which is a very heavy item, and which he wishes us to decide whether we will retain or omit — If it is retained the building must stop until rubbed bricks are obtained if it is omitted the wall can be finished in a month or less to the bottom of the windows of the second story, for which it is supposed there are sufficient materials, & at which point Mr Henderson thinks it may be left with as much safety as at any other — As to the Facie I cannot judge of the propriety of retaining or omitting it and I will concur in whatever directions yourself & Genl Davie may give — As to the question whether the walls shall be carried beyond the first story, I think I can anticipate that your opinion will be in favor of the measure & I have very little doubt that it would have been the opinion of the Committee if they had thought so considerable a surplus of materials would have been left after finishing the first story — I have written to Genl Davie & expect his answer by the return of

Page 3
the mail — As it is probable the workmen will be idle in a few days I beg you would write me your opinion by return of the mail — Judge Moore is now on his way to the Federal City so that no other Commissioners are within reach —
I have the pleasure to inform you that Mr. Bennehan & myself have engaged Mr Goodloe to build the Grammar School , so that we may rest satisfied it will be performed in good time & in a proper manner but it will cost us a little more than we expected.

With sincere regards & esteem I remain, Dear Sir,
Your most obed. [servant],

Walter Alves

John Haywood Esqr Raleigh

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