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Title: Letter from David L. Swain and William H. Battle to Charles Manly, February 6, 1849: Electronic Edition.
Author: Swain, David L. (David Lowry), 1801-1868
Author: Battle, William H. (William Horn), 1802-1879
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First Edition, 2005
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Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Title of collection: University of North Carolina Papers (#40005), University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Letter from David L. Swain and William H. Battle to Charles Manly, February 6, 1849
Author: D. L. Swain
Author: Will. H. Battle
Description: 4 pages, 4 page images
Note: Call number 40005 (University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Letter from David L. Swain and William H. Battle to Charles Manly , February 6, 1849
Swain, David L. (David Lowry), 1801-1868
Battle, William H. (William Horn), 1802-1879

Page 1
Chapel Hill, 6 Feb. 1849

To His Excellency,
Governor Manly ,


We have had the pleasure to receive your communication of the first instant, transmitting the Resolutions of the Executive Committee of the Trustees of the University, in relation to the erection of an edifice, on the college grounds for the use of the Trustees, the Alumni Association &c.
We have in pursuance of the request of the Committee, had a consultation upon the subject, examined the grounds, to satisfy ourselves with respect to an eligible site, for the building, and have obtained all the information, in our reach, within the three days since your letter was received.

Page 2
We ascertain the opinion, that the proper seate for the edifice will be on the East side of the gravel walk from Miss Hilliards , to the Philanthropic Hall, directly opposite to the Old Chapel , so that the new edifice will occupy the same relative position to the Philanthropic that the former (the Old Chapel ) does to the Dialectic Hall.
As the plan is not merely to decided, but the bricks made, the lumber to be obtained and seasoned, we are satisfied from our experience, in relation to such operations here, that it will be impossible, have the edifice well constructed, on economical terms in time to be used at the next Commencement.
We suppose that a building 60 X 33 exclusive of a portico 35 X 10 fronting the street — giving a room the interior of which will be about 60 X 32, will afford the "simple dimensions" contemplated by the Resolutions. As to the precise style of architecture to be adopted, we do not consider ourselves competent judges. We suppose that it ought to correspond in some

Page 3
design to that of the other edifices, and to the general plan, and we venture to suggest the propriety of applying to Mr. Davis, who is familiar with the grounds, and the edifices already in use, to prepare a plan for this.
We beg leave furthermore to suggest an enlargement of the design submitted to us. The old Belfry has long been an eye-sore, is injudiciously located, especially since the erection of the new Halls, the sills have gone to decay, & we are constantly apprehensive lest it may topple over. We have now suitable room for a Library. We entertain the opinion that the edifices proposed to be constructed should be about 20 feet high, the exterior may have the appearance of a larger story with a single range of windows, which may be so planned, as to afford ample light and ventilation, to the rooms below, while the upper sash will afford light to the alcoves of the library. The Bell tower may we suppose, be ornamental, rather than otherwise to the Portico, and a sky light be both useful

Page 4
and ornamental, to the Library. Such an edifice, we suppose would be convenient for all the purposes proposed, would add to the appearance of the campus, and correspond with the general plan of improvements, that has been adopted here. We suppose that Mr. Davis, if supplied with those outlines, will be able to submit a design combining scientific taste, with strict economy, that may be executed for about $3,000.

We have the favor to be
With high consideration,
Your Obt. Servants,

D. L. Swain

Will. H. Battle