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Title: Report of the Committee on Repairs, Prepared by Paul C. Cameron, with Kemp P. Battle and William L. Saunders, [1875?]: Electronic Edition.
Author: University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees
Author: Cameron, Paul C., 1808-1891
Author: Battle, Kemp P. (Kemp Plummer), 1831-1919
Author: Saunders, William L.
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Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Title of collection: University of North Carolina Papers (#40005), University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Report of the Committee on Repairs, Prepared by Paul C. Cameron, with Kemp P. Battle and William L. Saunders, [1875?]
Author: [Committee on the Repairs of the University]
Author: P. C. Cameron
Author: K. P. Battle
Author: W. Saunders
Description: 8 pages, 8 page images
Note: Call number 40005 (University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Report of the Committee on Repairs, Prepared by Paul C. Cameron, with Kemp P. Battle and William L. Saunders , [1875?]
University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees
Cameron, Paul C., 1808-1891
Battle, Kemp P. (Kemp Plummer), 1831-1919
Saunders, William L.

Page 1
The Committee on the Repairs of the University property beg leave to submit a Report, as to the progress and extent of repairs accomplished and what remains to be accomplished & the contract to date.
Very soon after the organization of your Committee in the month of April, a most destructive tornado of wind embracing a very large portion of the Southern States passed over your College property at Chapel Hill unroofing the New East building containing the Hall and Library of the Philanthropic Society. Thus suddenly exposing a large & valuable property to great damage from a long and continued rain storm. Fortunately the books of the Library were in a great measure protected from the falling water by their position on the shelves and the elegant Hall of the Society in the room immediately below was saved in its furniture carpets and ornaments by a massive oil cloth on the floor above which otherwise would have destroyed the walls and ceiling of one of the very handsomest Halls of the state. For the immediate care of the property, even before the storm had passed over, we are in debt

Page 2
to the ever watchful care and prompt action of Andrew Mickel Esq. recently elected to the trust and responsibility of the Bursar of the University who with aid of other efficient persons of the village protected the property as best they could. The exposed condition of the property of 8 large College buildings covered with old and neglected Tin Roofs with open doors and windows it is a wonder that the damage was not very much larger. Mr Mickel at once gave information as to the effects of the storm and a supply of the best tin was ordered from New York and a large and active force put on to repair the damage. This was an item for which no estimate was made and which with the cost of Materials and workmanship made an addition of repairs of about Five Hundred dollars. On the first visit of the Chairman on the summons of Mr Mickel to take orders for the preservation of the Hall Library of the Philanthropic Society he was made to call to his aid his associates, and seeing and feeling the obligation of immediate action not only for the protection of the unroof'd building but of all the University property. The best care was taken to organize an efficient and trust worthy

Page 3
corps of Mechanics to enter upon a general repair of the entire property of the University. To Mr Foster Utley of Chapel Hill was entrusted the carpenters work, to Henry Richards of Hillsboro the mason work; to George Songee of Durham the tin work or roofing and subsequently some fourteen painters were employed under three different boss workmen. Some delay was occasioned by the delay in collecting a proper supply of lumber, shingles and other material owing to the fact that a large proportion of the lumber had to be obtained along the line of the North Carolina R.R below the city of Raleigh, and all of which had to be transported by wagons from the Railway station at Durham to Chapel Hill on the ordinary farm wagons of the County at a very busy season of the year. And then before it could be placed in the hands of the Carpenters had to be dried by fire. The repairs have been nexecuted without interruptions or delay except that of falling weather. And to consist of the overhauling of all the Tin Roofs of 7 large College buildings and the reshingling of the half of the New Chapel,

Page 4
all the roofs have received one coat of asbestos Paint and enough paint is on hand to repeat the painting times makeing a substantial job and it is now thought free from leak. The amount of plastering was larger than any counted on by reason of the long allowed leaks thus damageing very largely all the ceilings of all the 3rd story Rooms. All the inside walls of all the College buildings have been neatly repaired and white washed and all the inside painting on doors and sash window facings & stair ways have been made except on the New West & East buildings which needed but little repairs. The repairs contemplated will in Carpenters & Masons work be completed by the 10th of September, and the newly expected occupants will find an abundance of clean and neat appartments prepared to receive them. In consequence of the driping weather of the last month outside painting of window facings sills & door ways have been much delayed but it is believed that the entire painting of the College buildings will be completed by the 15th of September, and all the outside brick walls will be washed makeing a very neat appearance.

Page 5
The University own 4 Professors Residences all these buildings have been or will be fit for occupation in less than 10 days haveing had a very thorough overhauling, with new Shingle roofs, with all needed Masons work, and painting inside and outside, with the additions of new and light piazzas in front of each, adding alike to the comfort & appearance of the dwellings; and all the outhouses have been put in order & all placed under new plank fence; and all the outside stone walls have been been rebuilt where needed; and from these stone wall enclosures we have set before us the wisdom of makeing all of our improvements and repairs as far as practicable of permanent material. The outside stone walls surrounding the campus have all been repaired and New Gates put up and all stock have been excluded. The walks of the campus have all been cleand and reopen'd and all the dead wood of the shrubbery and oak Grove have been cut out and removed and the wild growth of briar & stick wood dug up by the roots and carried out, the entire surface cut over by the scythe and under the recent & copious rains present a lawn of green & shade equaled by no educational

Page 6
establishment in the country. These repairs embrace the renting of a very large amount of window glass and of nearly every lock on all the doors of all the Dormitories. The old locks were found to be very much better than any new ones to be had and a very large portion taken off and repaired at Raleigh & refitted with keys under the supervision of Messrs. Briggs & Jones to whom acknowledgements should be made for their liberality and disposition to aid in any and every way the substantial work of reconstruction. At the outset Mr Foster Utley an experienced carpenter was requested to make estimates for all the repairs exclusive of Painting and new Tin work and by reference to those estimates it will be seen that he placed them at the sum of $4775. the bills paid up to date amounts as stated on the Books of the Treas & Sec of the Board K. P. Battle Esqr sum of $4335.89, which will be increased by the additional labour of carpenters masons and 14 painters for the next 15 or 20 days when it is believed all the Repairs

Page 7
needed or contemplated will be made and the mechanics discharged with the exception of Mr Utley the carpenter who resides in the village & should be retained in the service of the University for ordinary or extraordinary repairs.
The New West & East buildings are heated by Hot water Pipes, such is the condition of this apparatus in each of these buildings that the Halls Recitations Rooms and Dormitories cannot be used in the months of winter until a complete repair of Furnace & Pipes shall be made. As it was thought that these buildings would not be needed in the early days of the reopening and to make the repairs now would add very largely to the expenditures & in the present condition of your finances it was prudent to postpone until cash was more abundant.
The same remarks are applicable to the Chemical Laboratory in Smith Hall under the University Library. The Repairs here will be large and costly and the opinion is expressed that when made it should be in the most permanent way by removing a badly decayed wood floor and

Page 8
substituting a cement or stone floor, guarding the property alike against fire or decay.
All the Librarys are in great disorder by reason of long years of neglect and indifferent handling to say nothing of the plundering. at the request of the Committee Professor R. H. Graves in has cheerfully undertaken to arrange the entire University Library according "to subject and size" and to affix labels so as to facilitate the use of the books to those makeing reference. In regard to the Society Librarys nothing will be attempted until the Halls shall be occupied by returning students and the old order of things reestablished for the care and keep of those capacious and elegant Halls which should ever be regarded as a liberal exhibition of the good taste and generosity of the Board of Trustees to perpetuate a manly rivalry in the hearts & minds of generous & benevolous youths.
It is but a simple act of justice to say that all the labor has been under the supervision of Mr Andrew Mickel and who at the outset agreed to be the keeper of the Mechanic Laborers time table and at all times very efficient by his personal perusal. The entire bill of Repairs has been made by an agreed per diem with all engaged on the work & all promptly paid by your Treas on bills certified to him by the Chairman of Com on Repairs.