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Title: Board of Trustees Minutes, December 7, 1795 [Containing Resolutions for the Procurement of Books and Apparatus for the University]: Electronic Edition.
Author: University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees
Funding from the University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill supported the electronic publication of this title.
Text scanned (OCR) by Brian Dietz
Images scanned by Bari Helms
Text encoded by Brian Dietz
First Edition, 2005
Size of electronic edition: ca. 22K
Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
The electronic edition is a part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill digital library, Documenting the American South.
Languages used in the text: English
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2005-12-13, Brian Dietz finished TEI/XML encoding.
Title of collection: Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina Records (#40001), University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Board of Trustees Minutes, December 7, 1795 [Containing Resolutions for Procurement of Books and Apparatus for the University]
Author: [Board of Trustees]
Description: 5 pages, 5 page images
Note: Call number 40001 (University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Board of Trustees Minutes, December 7, 1795 [Containing Resolutions for the Procurement of Books and Apparatus for the University]
University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees

Page 210
Monday 7th December 1795.
The Board met according to Adjournment
    The President
    Mr Jones.
    Mr Davie .
    Mr Wynns.
    Mr Osborne .
    Mr Hogg .
    Mr Stone.
    Mr Hinton.
    Mr Willis &
    Mr Alves who is also Treasurer.
The Committee for considering the business of Confiscated Lands, & for settling accounts &c. and for making a statement to be laid before the General Assembly made Report which was read & concurred with.
The Committee for considering of an Ordinance appointing Commissioners to dispose of the Escheated Lands in the County of Orange Reported an Ordinance for that purpose which was read and passed.
Received the Resignation of Mr Stone, as Attorney for the District of Edenton which was accepted by the Board.
Mr Alexander Miller was then nominated and unanimously chosen Attorney for the Board for the District of Edenton, in the place of Mr Stone resigned.
An Ordinance Appointing Commissioners to dispose of the Lands belonging to the Board of Trustees, in the Territory South West of the Ohio, was read & passed.
Resolved that the following Sets of Books be procured for the use of the University, To Wit.
Burlamaqui's Natural & political Law . . . . . 6
Paley's Moral & political Philosophy . . . . . 3
Montesqueu's Spirit of Laws . . . . . 6.
Millot's Ancient & Modern History . . . . . 6.
Humes History of England with Smollet's Continuation . . . . . 1.
Adam's Defence—the first Volume . . . . . 6.
De Lolme . . . . . 6.

Page 212
Constitution of the United States and of the several States collected . . . . . 6.
Priestly's Lectures on History & General policy . . . . . 6.
That the Library Committee be required to take Measures for the purchase of the said Books; and that present appropriation of Fifty Dollars be considered a part of the fund for that purpose, and that they be Authorized to draw on the Treasurer for the remainder of the sum necessary to complete this purchase. That these books together with such copies of either of them now on hand be put under the care of the Faculty, who are directed to let them to such Students, whose Studies may require the use of them;,at a moderate hire, to be set from time to time by the Faculty; and by them to be accounted for Annually to the Board of Trustees.
Resolved that Mr Ker be directed to forward to Mr Grove the following list of an Apparatus, to wit. An Air-pump, A Condenser, Microscope, Lenses, Concave & Convex Mirrors, Loadstones and Magnets, Phials for an Electrical Machine, Surveying Instruments, with a request to purchase the same agreeably to the directions of the Board in July last.
An Ordinance to establish and carry into effect the plan of Education to be persued & observed in the University of North Carolina as entered on the Journal of the Trustees and agreed to [by the Board on the 4th day of the present Month, was Reported, read and passed.
Mr Nicholas Delveaux having been notified of his appointment as Tutor of the Preparatory School

Page 213
in the University, by a Resolution of the Board pass'd to day, appeared & signified to the Board his willingness to accept the appointment.
On Motion of Mr Davie seconded by Mr Jones, Resolved that the Board proceed to ballot for the Professors of the University, upon which the following persons were nominated & unanimously chosen, to Wit, Samuel E McKorkle as Professor of Moral political philosophy & History, Mr Samuel Harris as Professor of Mathematics, and the Reverend David Ker as Professor of Languages.
Resolved that further consideration on the subject of erecting the principal building of the University be for the present postponed, and the Committee appointed for that purpose be discharged.
Resolved that the President, Mr Davie Mr Jones Mr Hogg Mr Stone be appointed a Committee, respectively to correspond and make enquiry for some proper person to fill the place of President of the University, and to get information upon what terms some such person may be procured for that purpose.
On Motion, Resolved that the next annual meeting of this Board shall be on the first Monday of December next.
Resolved that a Commission of three per Cent be allowed on the Bonds taken up hereafter to be taken for the Security of the Monies arising

Page 214
from the Sales of Escheated Lands to be paid in the same manner as Commissions allowed on Bonds for Sales of Confiscated lands, and also a Commission of two and an half per Cent. on monies arising out of Sales of Escheated Lands collected by the Attorney.
Resolved that Mr Jones Mr Davie and Mr Blount be appointed a Library Committee for the Year 1796.
Then the Board Adjourned till tomorrow.