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Title: Board of Trustees Minutes, February 6, 1795 [Containing the Laws and Regulations of the University]: Electronic Edition.
Author: University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees
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First Edition, 2005
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Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Title of collection: Records of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina (#40001), University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Board of Trustees Minutes, February 6, 1795 [Containing the Laws and Regulations of the University]
Author: [University of North Carolina Board of Trustees]
Description: 12 pages, 12 page images
Note: Call number 40001 (University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Board of Trustees Minutes, February 6, 1795 [Containing the Laws and Regulations of the University]
University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees

Page 160
Feby6th 1795.
The Board met according to adjournt.


    The President
    Messrs Davie
    Mr Alves Treasurer

Page 161
Mr Haywood from the Committee to whom was referred the settlement of the accounts of the Treasurer of the Board reported as follows viz
That they have examined the accounts of Walter Alves esqr Treasurer to the board, and find that on the eleventh day of January 1795. there remained in Mr Alves's hands belonging to the Trustees the Sum of fourteen hundred and forty three pounds nineteen shillings current money together with two hundred and Seventy two Dollars 83/100, the latter sum being the amount of the Interest arising from the stock of the University in the funds of the United States up to the 30th day of Sepr last.
Resolved that the board do concur with the foregoing report.
The Committee to whom was referred the report of Adlai Osborne esqr Attorney for the Trustees in the districts of Salisbury and Morgan handed in during the late settings of the Trustees which among other things states the difficulties arising with respect to the admission of sundry vouchers presented to him as set off against claims of the Trustees on individuals in his

Page 162
Districts &c. having examined and considered the same report the following resolution viz.
Resolved that Adlai Osborne esqr Attorney for the Trustees be and he is hereby authorized and empowered to admit such Vouchers and other proof in the cases stated by him to the Trustees in his report of [——] day of December last, as in his opinion may be proper, and will tend to ensure justice as well to the board as to the Individuals concerned and that generally he be and is hereby authorized to adopt and pursue such measures in regard to the several matters by him submitted to the board as in his opinion may be right and proper and will most efectually tend to secure to the board their right and Title in the several instances by him mentioned.
The Committee to whom were referred the laws and regulations of the University of North Carolina report the following viz

Duty of President Professor &c.
1st That the President or in his absence the

Page 163
next in office superintend all the studies and perticularly those of the senior class, and that every other Teacher attend diligently on his respective class.
2nd That the President or other officer perform morning and evening prayers, and examine the Students each Sunday evening on questions previously given them, on the general principles of morality and religion.
3rd That until a Professor shall be appointed for the purpose, the President or next officer shall diliver a lecture once in the week on principles of Agriculture Botany, Zoology, Minerology Architecture and Commerce.
4th That the officers of the University collectively be called the Faculty, and that they have power to make temporary regulations in the recess of the board, and to inflict any punishment herein after mentioned.
5th That the President or next officer report annually, or oftener if called up to the Trustees, the State of the University, diligence of the Teachers, conduct of the Students and Steward, and necessity of making or repealing laws.

Page 164
6th that no President or other officer be removed from place without a fair hearing before the authority from Which he derived his appointment.

Duty of the Students

Of the Classes Examinations &c
That there be four literary classes to be entered on annually and distinguished by the appelation of first, second, third, and fourth.
2nd That none be admitted into the first literary class as Students until they shall have passed a competent examination by the faculty on Caesars commentarys Salust, Ovid or Virgil or other latin books equivalent and the Greek Grammar.
3rd That the exercises of this class be the study of English Grammar roman antiquities and such parts of the roman Historians Orators and poets as may seem necessary to the officers of the University together with the study of the Greek Testament, It is to be understood that in case the studies alloted to the class for this or the two following years, shall be

Page 165
more than they can perform, then part of the same shall be taken up on the following Year, but in case the class shall have performed the assigned duties before the end of the Year, then they shall anticipate part of the duties of the following Year.
4th That none be admitted into the second or any other class until they shall have passed a competent examination of the preceeding class.
5th That the exercises of the second class be Arithmetic Bookkeeping, Geography including the use of the Globes, Grecian antiquities and Greek Classics.
6th That the exercises of the third class be the Mathematics encluding Geometry Surveying Navigation Algebra, Natural Philosophy and Astronomy.
7th That the exercises of the fourth class be Logic, Moral Philosophy, principals of civil government, Chronology, History, antient and modern, the Belle Lettres and the revisal of whatsoever may appear necessary to the

Page 166
officers of the University.
8th That they who chuse only to study the Science and the English language, be either formed into a Class called the scientific class or else arranged with some of the litterary classes, when they shall be studying the sciences.
9th That they who shall enter the third or fourth Class, not having been Students in former Classes, shall pay a certain sum for the use of the University, that is to say for admission into the third Class, at or after the middle stage of its progress, the Sum of eight Dollars, for entrance into the fourth Class at any stage from the beginning to the middle period, the sum of twelve and a half dollars and from the middle period to the end the sum of fifteen Dollars.
10th That in addition to the annual examination, there shall be three quarterly examinations.

Page 167
Time of Study Vacation &c
11th That the Students shall decently attend prayers every morning and evening, that morning prayers shall be at sunrise.
12th That from prayers to breakfast be study hours breakfast to be at eight OClock.
13th That one hour be allowed for Breakfast and amusement, after which shall follow three hours for study and recitation i.e until 12 oClock.
14th That Study hours commence again at 2. oClock P.M. and continue until prayers at 5, OClock after which shall be a vacation until 8 OClock, when the Students shall retire to their respective lodgings and not leave them without the consent of their Teacher until prayers the next morning.
15th That each Class have a Monitor to be appointed by the Teacher who shall note down those absent without leave

Page 168
and the disorderly and vitious.
16th That the Students all speak read and exhibit composition on Saturday AM. and the same day P.M. be allowed them for amusement.

Duties moral and religious
17th That all the Students attend divine Service on the Sabbath, and evening examinations on the general principles of religion and Morality, that they reverence the Sabbath use no profane language, nor speak disrespectfully of religion or any religious denomination of people, that they be not allowed to keep Ardent spirits in their rooms nor associate with evil company, that they shall not play at any game of Hazard, or any other kind of gaming, nor make bets, they shall treat their Teachers with respect and also each other according to the honor due to each class.

Pecuniary duties
18th That each Student pay five

Page 169
Dollars, pr Year to be paid half yearly in advance to the president or professor having the care of the University for room rent, repair accidental damages and for wilful damages pay four foald. If the author of the damage cannot be assertained, the damage shall be assessed on the whole number of Students in the University.
19th The Students shall in general observe the rules of decency and cleanliness.
20th No Student shall be admitted to the honor of a Degree, until he shall have settled all his pecuniary accounts at the University.
21st Each Student shall prepare a Book into which he shall enter these laws.

Of Trials and Punishments

22nd the Students charged shall have timely notice and Testimony taken on the most solemn assurance shall

Page 170
by the Faculty or Trustees be deemed valid without calling on a magistrate to administer an oath in legal form.
23rd The punishments and grades of punishments shall be admonition by any officer of the University, admonition by the Faculty. 2. Admonition before the whole University. 3. Admonition before the Trustees. 4. Suspension. 5. total and final expulsion.
24th No pecuniary mulch shall be inflicted for non attendance on prayers or recitation, but besides admonition the officer of the University may transmit an abstract of the monitors bills as often as he chuses with a statement of the Students negligence to his guardian.
25th That the monitors bill be called for publicly every Monday evening, and every transgression of these laws be brought to account.
26th That these laws be publicly read once a Year before the whole University or oftener if Judged necessary

Page 171
and that an officer of the University diliver to the Students an address on the advantage and necessity of observing the laws or that a Student from the classes in rotine be appointed for that purpose.
27th That the sum of one shilling pr. week be imposed on those students who do not live at Commons which shall be paid to the Steward.

Resolved that the board do concur with the foregoing report.
. . .