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Title: Catalogue of the Faculty and Students of the University of North Carolina, August 1820: Electronic Edition.
Author: University of North Carolina (1793-1962)
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First Edition, 2005
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Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Title of document: Catalogue of the Faculty and Students of the University of North Carolina, August 1820
Title of serial: Catalogue of the Faculty and Students of the University of North-Carolina, August 1820
Author: [University of North Carolina (1793-1962)]
Description: 1 page, 1 page image
Note: Call number Cb378 UH1 (North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Catalogue of the Faculty and Students of the University of North Carolina, August 1820
University of North Carolina (1793-1962)

Page 1
University of North-Carolina.
August, 1819.

    Simon P. Jordan, A. M.
    James H. Otey, A. B. TUTORS.

Nath'l W. Alexander Salisbury 25 S. B.
Samuel J. AlvesHenderson, Ky.Prof. Hooper's
Benj. F. BlackledgeLenoirMrs. Nunn's
John L. BrownWilson, TenMrs. Craig's
John E. BrownCaswellMrs. Craig's
Joseph Caldwell Ontario, N. Y. President's
Robert Cowan Wilmington 7 S. B.
Bryan S. Croom Lenoir 16 S. B.
Frederick J. Cutlar Wilmington 10 E. B.
John R. J. Daniel Halifax 8 S. B.
Nicholas J. Drake Nash 4 S. B.
Robert M. Galloway York, S, C, 12 S. B.
Henry F. Garnett King & Queen, Va. Mrs. Craig's
Nathaniel H. Harris Orange Mrs. Pannill's
Wm. Rufus Haywood Raleigh 16 E. B.
George W. Haywood Raleigh 15 E. B.
Samuel Headen Bedford, Va. 3 E. B.
Pleasant Henderson Chapel Hill Maj. Henderson's
Thompson N. Johnston Bertie 9 S. B.
Jacob S. Kirby Highland, O, 14 E. B.
Thomas J. Lacy Nelson, Ky, Mrs. Nunn's
Willis M. Lea, Caswell 3 E. B.
William K. Mebane Orange 21 S. B.
Anderson Mitchell Caswell 19 S. B.
William S. Mhoon Bertie 4 S. B.
William D Murphy Orange 6 E. B.
Edward G. Pasteur Newbern 13 S. B.
Samuel Peake Wake Mr. Barbee's
Richard C. Rhodes Robeson Mrs. Mitchell's
Joseph H. Sanders Chowan 13 S. B.
William A. Shaw Raleigh 23 S. B.
Samuel I. Smith Granville 11 E. B.
James Stafford Mecklenburg 11 E. B.
James H. Taylor Granville Mrs. Craig's
Charles L. Torrence Salisbury Maj. Henderson's
James Bowman Stokes 13 E. B.
John L. Davies Chester S. C. 14 S. B.
William B. Davies Chester S. C. 14 S. B.
Thomas F. Davis Wilmington 12 E. B.
James G. Hall Currituck 1 E. B.
William Hardeman Franklin, Ten. 26 S. B.
Thomas Hardeman Rutherford, Ten. 26 S. B.
William A. Hall Iredell, 11 E. B.
Benj. F. Haywood Raleigh 7 E. B.
Fabius J. Haywood Raleigh 15 E. B.
Thomas Hill Wilmington 10 S. B.
John A. Hogan Randolph 12 E. B.
Joel Holleman Isle of Wight, Va. 24 S. B.
William D. Jones Granville 3 E. B.
Samuel A. Kerr Rowan 2 E. B.
Pleasant Kittrell Orange Mr. Kittrell's
Henry A. Martin Stokes 10 S. B.
Robert G. Martin Granville 20 S. B.
Robert H. Mason Greenville, Va. 3 E. B.
Washington Morrison Cabarras 1 E. B.
Jonathan J. Nixon Bertie 33 S. B.
Robert N. Ogden Charleston S. C. 14 E. B.
William B. Pickett Aytoga, Alab. 1 S. B.
Lucius J. Polk Raleigh 6 E. B.
Marion Sanders Sumpter, S. C. 26 S. B.
James B. Slade Martin 7 E. B.
Benjamin Summer Gates 11 S. B.
George Tarry Mecklenburg, Va. 17 S. B.
William Travis Rowan 12 S. B.
Alexander E. Wilson Mecklenburg 2 E. B.
Samuel S. Bell Newbern 22 S. B.
George S. Bettner Newbern 14 S. B.
Alexander M. Boylan Raleigh Mrs. Craig's
Daniel W. Courts Rockingham 10 E. B.
George F. S. Davidson Iredell 1 S. B.
James H. Dickson Wilmington Prof. Hooper's
John S. Eaton Granville 3 S. B.
John C. Ellerbee Chesterfield, S.C. 7 S. B.
John H. Fitts St. Stephens, Alab. 5 E. B.
Robert B. Gilliam Oxford 5 S. B.
Thomas G. Graham, Cumberland 13 S.B.
Thomas T. Hunt Granville 8 E. B.
William M. Inge Oxford Mrs. Pannell's
Edmund L. Martin Stokes Maj. Henderson's
Hugh Martin Stokes 25 S. B.
Benjamin T. Moore Chapel Hill Steward's
Victor M. Murphy Orange 16 S. B.
John S. Norwood Hillsborough President's
Richmond M. Pearson Rowan 2 E. B.
John Rains Newbern 22 S. B.
Cornelius Robinson Alabama, Alab. 5 E. B.
Benjamin S. Ricks Halifax 8 S. B.
Mathius E. Sawyer Edenton Mrs. Craig's
Alfred Scales Rockingham 18 S. B.
Alexander D. Sims Brunswick Va. 5 E. B.
Samuel M. Stewart Chatham 13 E. B.
Thomas Sumner Hertford 11 S. B.
George Whitfield Lenoir 9 S. B.
Robert P. Williamson Person 10 S. B.
William S. Wills Edenton 1 E. B.
Augustus Alston Hancock, Geo. 6 S. B
Joseph J. Alston Franklin 6 S. B.
Willis Alston Hancock, Geo. 6 S. B.
William E.Anderson Hillsborough 15 S. B.
Daniel B. Baker Brunswick Mrs. King's
Robert H. Booth Nottaway, Va. 19 S. B.
James G. Brehon Warren 3 S. B.
James W. Bryan Newbern 22 S. B.
Joseph W. Clay Caswell 2 S. B.
Stephen W. C. Cotton Chatham 9 E. B.
Thomas Eaton Warren 20 S. B.
Edward R. Field Tuskaloosa, Alab. Mrs. Craig's
William N. Gibson Stokes 9 E. B.
Arch E. hienderson Granville Maj. Henderson's
Hardy Holmes Sampson 23 S. B.
Warner M. Lewis Halifax, Va. 2 S. B.
Benjamin S. Long Halifax 8 S. B.
William F. P. Lytle Rutherford, Ten. 26 S. B.
Matthias E. Manly Chatham 18 S. B.
Henry M'Kenzie Moore Steward's
John W. Potts Washington 20 S. B.
B. M. W. Ridley Oxford 5 S. B.
Charles L. Ridley Oxford Mr. Barbee's
Frederick A. Sawyer Pasquotank Mrs. Nunn's
Edward D. Sims Brunswick, Va. 5 E. B.
William R. Smith Halifax 24 S. B.
Samuel F. Sneed Williamsborough Mrs. Pannell's
George T. Taylor Mecklenburg, Va. Mrs. Craig's
John Taylor Chatham 33 S. B.
William A. Taylor Granville 17 S. B.
Wm. H. Thompson Hillsborough 21 S. B.
William I. Twitty Warren 20 S. B.
Senior Sophisters, . . . . . 35
Junior Sophisters . . . . . 30
Sophomores, . . . . . 30
Freshmen, . . . . . 32.
Total, 127
D. HEARTT , Printer, Hillsborough.