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Title: Letter from William Polk to Joseph Caldwell, September 4, 1805: Electronic Edition.
Author: Polk, William, 1758-1834
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First Edition, 2005
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Title of document: Letter from William Polk to Joseph Caldwell, September 4, 1805
Author: William Polk
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Letter from William Polk to Joseph Caldwell , September 4, 1805
Polk, William, 1758-1834

Page 1
Raleigh, September 4th 1805


Mr. Williams has delivered me your communication of yesterday with the papers enclosed therewith. The situation into which the imprudence & ill directed conduct of the seceding Students has thrown the Institution is truly distressing, and I am afraid long to be regretted by its real friends; particularly so by those who have watched with parental care over its welfare & best interests, in both character of Trustees & Teachers.
The Gentlemen who are Trustees and of this plan have met this forenoon, before whom the whole papers have been laid, and in the course of their deliberations, have come

Page 2
to the determination of giving to the public an account of the occurrence in Mondays paper.
In speaking on the secession of the students it has been alleged that there may be some amongst the signers who upon cool reflection regret the folly which so precipitously hurried them into so unqualified a combination, and will be found on the Hill on this letter reaching you; and who may be disposed to relent of their past deeds & return to duty. There may be others who having left College & gone home, will be compelled to return under the authority of their parents or guardians. With regard to both of these descriptions, the Members here have given it as their opinion & instructed me to communicate the same to you; "that none of the Students subscribers to the remonstrance of the 12th ultimo and were of

Page 3
their after meetings — but who nevertheless have neither left the Village nor have been guilty of any indecency or impropriety of conduct other than those above mentioned, with the absenting themselves from recitation, shall be restored to their standing in the University on their making a respectful application to that end to the Faculty; and on their further making the proper acknowledgements in regard to their late errors of conduct into which they have unfortunately been led; provided the President shall deem it proper & requisite to demand of them sent acknowledgement. With regard to those who have absented themselves or who have gone from College without leave it is considered that applications from them for readmission shall neither be noticed or regarded by the Faculty,

Page 4
but that all such applications shall be made to the Trustees, who will decide thereon."
In looking over the number of Students who were signers and of course supposing that all have withdrawn; the Trustees have imagined that some difficulties will occur as to some of the classes in regard to a rotation of Monitorship under the existing Ordinances. When such do exist, it is the opinion of the Trustees "that in all cases where the late secession of the Students has caused such a diminution in the numbers of any class on the establishment of the University so as to render the last Ordinance of the Board impracticable or particularly grievous in its operation upon any particular Student or Students composing such class; that then & in all such cases

Page 5
the President of the Institution dispense for the present and until such class or classes shall be sufficiently ensconced in numbers; with a full and rigid observance of the said Ordinance; so far as the same may affect or operate upon particular classes."
The Trustees have directed me to inform you, that Mr. Williams's expenses shall be reimbursed & that you will be good enough to mention the matter to Mr. Jones, who, should he have any monies belonging to the Board in his hands, that he pay to Mr. Williams the amount of his demands, & take his note for the same; which shall answer as a voucher for him in the settlement of his accounts with Mr. Alves.
You will be

Page 6
pleased to accept the assurances of my respect & esteem.

And am, Dear Sir, your obd. Sert.

William Polk

Rev. Jos. Caldwell