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Title: Letter from Charles Manly to David L. Swain, October 14, 1856: Electronic Edition.
Author: Manly, Charles, 1795-1871
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First Edition, 2005
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Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Title of collection: David L. Swain Papers (#706), Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Letter from Charles Manly to David L. Swain, October 14, 1856
Author: Chas Manly
Description: 6 pages, 6 page images
Note: Call number 706 (Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Letter from Charles Manly to David L. Swain , October 14, 1856
Manly, Charles, 1795-1871

Page 1
Raleigh, Oct. 14/56

My Dear Gov.,

I recd yesterday, with pleasure, the answer of the Comm of the Faculty & the several answers of Profrs J. Phillips , Fetter , Shipp , Wheat , C. Phillips , & yourself to the Bill of Complaint of the French Revolutionist . I say "with pleasure" because I consider the defence complete & that it places Frenchy where I anticipated, "out of court."
It cannot be possible, & you may rely on it with perfect certainty, that the Faculty

Page 2
of our University (& I mean the Prest & Professors) men of well tried ability & discretion & patriotism, justly the pride of the whole state, are to be overslaughed, or censured, or found fault with, upon the ex parte allegation of any young upstart or unknown foreign adventurer. His course has been an unmitigated outrage, & the more I think of it (as I said before) the hotter I get.
Write to me (I will hold it in the strictest confidence & friendship) precisely what you wish the Exc Comm to do. Verbum sat.
I recd by last mail from Mr Brown a letter of resignation of his professorship from & after this session. I presume you know it.

Page 3
The Exec Comm will meet again, I presume, about next Saturday, when Judge Saunders & Mr. Moore will probably be at home.
The State Fair is getting into full blast this morning. It will be, I think very respectable.
There is a story on the street that Gov. Wise of Va & also the Governors of S.C., Tenn., & Miss. are to be here to hold a grand for their Council to dissolve the Union (if Democracy shall be beaten) I presume.
I think it's likely I shall write you again tomorrow.

Yours most truly,

Chas Manly

Page 4
Was Herrisse present or had he notice of the Faculty meeting of 15th August last (paper B) when Resolutions were passed disapproving of his course about the appointment of Tutors & of his attempts to head the President?
I wish very much that the fact stated in that 2nd resolution should be established by other testimony than Mr Thompson's. Was he heard in, or had a chance of, defence?
I desire you point out to me the authority for the Fr. Instructor & the Tutors voting as members of the Faculty on questions of College police & Government & in awarding Punishment on the students. I cannot find where the laws of the Institution confer any such power. If it be custom, the sooner 'tiz stopped the better. At least that is my opinion. I will never consent

Page 5
I will never consent that "5 young Americas" shall balance "5 old Fogiy" on any such important questions.

Page 6
P.S. No 2.
The two Governors who came here on some political scheme, as I surmised, have decamped in double quick time.
They left this morning under advice of some of their democratic friends that a well grounded conjecture that they were concocting treason against the Union & had assembled here for any such purpose would blow Democracy "sky high" & carry the state for Fillmore sure as death.
With all her vacillations in Whigery & Democracy — N. Car. is a Union State certain.