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Title: Board of Trustees Minutes, May 4, 1875 [Containing Proceedings on the Reorganization of the University]: Electronic Edition.
Author: University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees
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First Edition, 2005
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Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Title of collection: Records of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina (#40001), University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Board of Trustees Minutes, May 4, 1875 [Containing Proceedings on the Reorganization of the University]
Author: [University of North Carolina Board of Trustees]
Description: 8 pages, 8 page images
Note: Call number 40001 (University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Board of Trustees Minutes, May 4, 1875 [Containing Proceedings on the Reorganization of the University]
University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees

Page 215
Proceedings of the meeting of the Trustees of the University held in Raleigh May 4th and 5th 1875

First day, May 4, 1875
According to previous notice the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina met at the Executive Office in this City on the 4th inst. Present
On motion of Mr John Manning, the Trustees elect now in the city, viz. Hon W. H. Battle and Major Seaton Gales are invited to honorary seats in the Board, which invitation was accepted.
The Secretary reads the proceedings of the last meeting, which are approved.
Mr P. C. Cameron from the committee on repairs makes a verbal report, stating that the work is in a fair state of progress and will be pushed to completion as rapidly as the means shall be supplied; that accommodations for 200 students can be furnished by July 1st.
Mr Kemp P. Battle moves that all receipts from distributive shares and unclaimed dividends shall be loaned or invested under directions of the Executive Committee, and the interest only used until the principal shall become the absolute property of the University, which motion was accepted.

Page 216
The Secretary lays before the Board various schemes for the reorganization of the University prepared by men who have given this matter their special attention, having due reference to carrying into effect the provisions of the act of Congress of July 2nd 1862, donating Land Scrip to the several States for the establishment of Colleges for teaching branches of learning relating to Agriculture and the Mechanic arts; whereupon after considerable discussion, Rev. C. B. Hassell submits the following as the proper programme to be adopted by the Board.
    1st Agree to revive the University on its original basis.
    2 Appoint a committee to designate the number and character of Professorships, including agriculture and mechanic arts.
    3 Fill those Professorships at once, by elections, including a a President.
    4 Name the day on which the doors shall be open and the exercises commenced.
    5 Appoint one man to each county in the State to solicit donations to the Institution and transmit the collections to the Treasurer on or before a certain day to be named.
    6 Appoint, now, the time for the next meeting of the Board to determine the salaries of the Faculty, and adopt By-Laws for the government of the Faculty and students.
On motion of Mr P. C. Cameron the folling resolutions are adopted as a substitute.
That a committee consisting of Messrs Kemp P. Battle , John Manning, Jas. A. Graham , J. J. Davis, and Rev. C. B. Hassell consider the various schemes offered for the re-organization of the University and report tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.
The Secretary and Treasurer lays before the Board a a certified copy of the act of the General Assembly authorising a certificate of indebtedness for $125,000 to be issued to the University in replacement of the Agricultural

Page 217
College Fund which had been invested partly in special tax bonds as heretofore reported, and likewise the bond received from the Treasurer in execution of said act.
On motion of Hon W. A. Graham
Resolved that the Secretary and Treasurer in accordance with the act entitled "an act in relation to the Land Script Fund for establishment of a College for the benefit of Agricultural and Mechanic arts" ratified March 20th 1875, in the presence of three members of the Board shall learn the Special Tax bonds belonging to the Land Scrip Fund, and they shall report their proceedings to the Board at the next meeting.
The Secretary and Treasurer reports that he had endeavored to have a settlement with Mr R. W. Lassiter late Treasurer, that there seemed to to be little difficulty in the way except his claim for $300 salary for the year 1874, that Mr Lassiter had pledged three bonds of $1000 each amounting to $3000, issued for the North Carolina Rail Road Company, belonging to the Agricultural College Fund and had lodged two other like bonds of $1000 each, amounting to $2000, with said Bank, taking a receipt, showing that the Bank was authorised to sell them, that Mr Lassiter claims that it was subsequently agreed that they should not be sold but held as a pledge, that the President of the Bank agrees to deliver these $5000 bonds or payment of a balance of about $380 due Mr Lassiter, of which amount $300 is the salary for 1874, the validity of which the Board has not admitted.
The Secretary and Treasurer lays before the Board a communication from Mr Lassiter, alleging that he had performed valuable services for the Board during 1874. Whereupon the Board instructs the Secretary and Treasurer to request Mr Lassiter to state in detail such services in order that the Board may know to what extent equitable grounds exist for awarding compensation for that year.
The Secretary and Treasurer further reports that he had not brought suit against the Bank because by the act of the General Assembly recently passed it is provided that all the bonds, not special tax bonds, reported as belonging to the Agricultural College Fund shall be held by the Trustees subject to the disposition of the General Assembly. Whereupon the resolution passed at

Page 218
the last session of the Board is suspended until further orders of the Board.
The Secretary and Treasurer reports that he had notified Mr James B. Mason to meet him for the purpose of settling his accounts as Agent of the late Board, but had not heard from him it is ordered that another effort be made to accomplish such settlement.
The Secretary and Treasurer lays before the Board, sundry papers bearing on the claim of the late Charles Manly former Treasurer of the Board for extra compensation as Escheater General, stating that Mr Manly retained $900 City of Wilmington bonds as indemnity on account of said claim, and asked for instructions. Whereupon the Board, being of the opinion that the claim is not valid, directs that the Secretary and Treasurer lay copies of the papers bearing on the case before the Executors of Mr Manly , and endeavor to induce the surrender of the Bonds without suit.
On motion of K. P. Battle
Resolved That the Board will not appeal from the decision of the Circuit Court of the United States in the case of Dency assignee vs. the Trustees of the University and others, and if any action has been taken looking to such appeal, the proceedings shall be discontinued.
On motion the Board adjourned to meet again tomorrow morning at 10 oclock.

Page 219
Second day. May 5
According to adjournment the Board convened at 10 oclock A.M.
Mr Kemp P. Battle , on behalf of the committee on Reorganization, makes a report which on his motion was considered seriatim, whereupon the following resolutions were adopted:
Resolved 1st That the University be opened for the admission of pupils on the 1st Monday in September next, and that the term continue, with two weeks vacation at Christmas, until the 2nd Thursday in June 1876.
Resolved 2. The charge for tuition shall be $60 for the term with $10 for room rent, servant hire and deposit money, of which one half shall be paid in advance, the other half on or before the opening of the session in January.
Resolved 3 That for the present there shall be established six Colleges, at the head of each of which there shall be a Professor (unless the Board shall decide to elect a President and place one of them under his charge) viz.:
    I College of Agriculture
    II College of Engineering and the Mechanic Arts
    III College of Natural Science
    IV College of Literature
    V College of Mathematics
    VI College of Philosophy
Resolved 4. That said College shall be sub-divided into schools according to the schedule annexed, over each of which be placed separate instructors, as soon as the means of the University shall be sufficient, viz.:
    I The College of Agriculture into, 1st School of Scientific Agriculture; 2nd School of Practical Agriculture; 3rd School of Horticulture.
    II The College of Engineering and the Mechanic arts, into 1st School of Mechanical Engineering; 2nd School of Civil Engineering; 3rd School of Mining; 4th School of Military Science and Tactics.

Page 220
    III The College of Natural Science into 1st School of Chemistry; 2nd School of Zoology and Botany; 3rd School of Geology and Mineralogy.
    IV The College of Literature into, 1st School of English Language and Literature; 2nd School of Ancient Languages; 3rd School of Modern Languages.
    V The College of Mathematics into, 1st School of Pure Mathematics; 2nd School of Natural Philosophy; 3rd School of Commercial Science.
    VI The College of Philosophy into 1st School of Metaphysics and Logic; 2nd School of Moral Science; 3rd School of History, Political Economy, International and Constitutional Law.
Resolved 5 That further details in regard to the course of instruction in the University, the granting of diplomas, certificates of proficiency, &c shall be adjusted by the Board on consultation with the members of the Faculty to be hereafter elected.
Resolved 6 That the Professors shall be allowed a Salary of $2000 per annum, each, payable semi-annually with house rent.
Resolved 7 The question whether a President of the University shall be elected by the Trustees or the Faculty shall choose a chairman of their body with executive power, is postponed to the next meeting of the Board.
Resolved 8. That when the Board adjourns, it shall adjourn to meet again in the Executive Office in the City of Raleigh on Wednesday the 16th of June next, and that at that meeting the Professors shall be elected, of which fact the Secretary shall give public notice.
Resolved, On Motion of Mr K. P. Battle , that a special committee of five be appointed who shall be authorized to adopt such measures as they may deem advisable for raising contributions for the use of the use of the University, on such conditions and limitations as may be agreed on with the donors. Messrs Kemp P. Battle , B. F. Moore , W. A. Graham , Paul C. Cameron, John Manning were appointed onthis committee.

Page 221
On motion of Mr John Manning,
Resolved, That Messrs. W. A. Graham , B. F. Moore , and W. H. Battle be Trustees of the funds to be raised by contributions for the maintenance of the University.
On motion of W. A. Graham ,
Resolved, That the Secretary and Treasurer correspond with N. W. Woodfin Esq. and others to ascertain the condition of the lands in Buncombe and other counties, belonging to the University. Likewise he ascertain, if practicable, whether the University has valid claim to any lands in Tennessee, and that he report all the facts he can obtain to the Board.
On motion of Mr Manning,
Resolved That there shall be established as early as practicable in connection with the College of Agriculture, Engineering and of the Mechanic arts, a farm and garden of which the grounds heretofore set apart, shall be a portion, and also a workshop in which the different schools in the various Colleges may be illustrated. The open land bounded by the Raleigh road in the East and that Southeast of the South Building are included in the campus and are set apart as a parade and play ground.
On motion of Hon W. A. Graham ,
Resolved That Messrs Manning Cameron and Battle , be a committee to meet the commissioner under the decree in the case of Dency assignee vs. the University and others, at Chapel Hill, and lay claims to the College Buildings, Professors' houses and tract of land on which they are situated, as necessary for the purpose of instruction in the various departments of the University.
On motion of Mr R. L. Patterson ,
Resolved, that the Secretary and Treasurer negotiate a loan of $5000 to be expended for repairs of the buildings, &c. of the University and that the first receipts unto the Treasury except from the Agricultural Land Scrip Fund, shall be applied to the endemnity of such persons as may become sureties for the Trustees for said loans.

Page 222
On motion of Mr Cameron,
Resolved, that advertisement be made for the return of the books and other property belonging to the University, and the Secretary is directed wherever practicable to enforce the same.
On motion the Secretary is authorized to publish the proceedings of the meeting.
On motion, the Board adjourned to meet on the 16th of June next in this place.

Kemp P. Battle