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Title: Letter and Resolution from the Board of Trustees to Secretary of War James A. Seddon, [October 15, 1863]: Electronic Edition.
Author: University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees
Funding from the University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill supported the electronic publication of this title.
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First Edition, 2005
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Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Title of collection: University of North Carolina Papers (#40005), University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Letter and Resolution from the Board of Trustees to Secretary of War James A. Seddon, [October 15, 1863]
Author: Board of Trustees
Description: 5 pages, 5 page images
Note: Call number 40005 (University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Letter and Resolution from the Board of Trustees to Secretary of War James A. Seddon, [October 15, 1863]
University of North Carolina (1793-1962). Board of Trustees

Page 1

James A. Seddon
Secretary of War

The Trustees of the University of N.C. at a late meeting adopted this resolution, a copy of which is hereto attached marked A. to which I beg leave to invite your attention.
By a report made to the Executive Committee of the Trustees by Gov. Swain the President of the University, the condition of the four classes are as follows.
There are nine (9) members of the Senior Class, of these two (2) have joined the army, two have substitutes, two have seen hard service in the army, one is under eighteen years of age, and one permanently disabled.
Junior Class — consisting of 15 members — of these 7 have substitutes, 5 have been in the army, 2 are under eighteen years of age, and one T. R. Bryan is dead. This class at the close of the Session year numbered 30, all of whom except the 15 named above are supposed to be in the army.
These two classes were, heretofore, by your kind favor, granted permission to finish their collegiate career, which the Senior Class will have accomplished by the first Thursday in June next.
Sophomore Class. This class at the end of its Freshman year numbered 24 — of these 16 are supposed to have entered the army — of the 9 men remaining, 3 are exempt from physical inability, & one or more of the 3 have left the class on that account. In a communication by President Swain to Gov. Vance he says, "Our Sophomore Class is now reduced to

Page 2
six regular members. Morehead (who has a substitute an Englishman over conscript age) is the best, and Mickle the second best scholar in it. The latter has a slender constitution and is in delicate health."
Freshman Class. Of the 27 members of this Class, 24 are underage; and one over eighteen years of age Julius C. Mills of Caswell who has a substitute. The remaining two are Julius S. Barlow of Edgecombe born 5 Jany 1845 and Isaac R. Strayhorne of Orange born Aug 7th 1845.
I have been this minute in relation to the Sophomore & Freshman Classes, for the reason that on them, the reliance for the continuance of the exercises of the Institution must mainly depend.
It will be seen by reference to the numbers of the Sophomore & Freshman Classes, & their ages, but five, very few soldiers can be added to the army of the Confederacy. Whilst the removal of that small number may so reduce the Class, as to render it necessary to discontinue the exercises of the Institution — one of the oldest and largest in the Confederacy; and disband the able & venerable corpus of Instructors, some of whom have devoted their services to the Institution for more than a quarter of a century, and others for nearly a half century. To disband this able body in their declining years when their accustomed salaries are so necessary to their comfort in the coming of life would seem to be ingratitude. To continue those Salaries without corresponding Service would subject the Trustees to merited censure.
And although the limited number instructed might not seem to justify the Salaries paid, yet when we consider that this Institution numbered

Page 3
between four & five hundred students at the commencement of this war, by whom any state in the Confederacy was represented, it is most respectfully submitted whether the Trustees are not justified, even at the sacrifice of their scanty means, in using all exertion to keep the Institution in its present condition of usefulness, ready to meet the demands of the Confederacy when our Independence shall be blessed with peace.
Pardon me Sir! for suggesting, in behalf of the Trustees, that your aid in continuing these classes will greatly contribute to the continuance of the Institution, whilst the army, to where efficiency your first duty is due, will not be materially affected.
Allow me to call to your attention the letter written you by Gov. Swain on 15th Oct 1863; in which there are some interesting details connected with the University.

By order of the Board of Trustees,

Chas: Manly

Page 4
Raleigh, N.C.
March 5th, 1864
Hon. Chas. Manly —Secretary Board of Trustees, University of N.C.
Petition on behalf of Trustees to exempt members of the Sophomore & Freshman classes of University of N.C.

Cons Bar
I cannot see in the grounds presented such peculiar or exceptional circumstances as will justify departure from the rules acted on in many similar laws. Youths under 18 will be allowed to continue their studies. Those over, capable of military service will best discharge their duty and find their highest training in defending their country in the field.
10th March 64


Conscript Office Raleigh,March 5th /64
Respectfully forwarded to the Bureau of Conscription earnestly recommends the application to the favorable consideration of the Superintendent.
Implicit confidence can be placed in the statements set forth.

Peter Mallett

Colonel page torn Conscripts

Ex. Dept. of N.C. Raleigh March 5
I respectfully urge the within application as the probable existence of our University depends upon its being granted.

Z.B. Vance
Gov & Ex Officer Presd. Board of Trustees.

Bureau of our Conscription
Richmond 9 March /64
Respectfully ref'd to the Secretary of war whose attention is called to the endorsement of the Coillegible of conscripts for N. C. The circumstances as exhibited by the papers and by verbal statement of Gov. Morehead constitute a case differing perhaps substantially from those on which the rule established by the Secretary was based. Special instruction is respectfully asked.


Page 5
Raleigh Oct. 8, 1863
At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University this day, present
That the Prest of the University be authorized to correspond with the Prest of the Confederate States asking a suspension of any order or regulation which may have been issued for the Conscription of students of the University until the end of the present Session; & also with a view to a general exemption of young men advanced in liberal studies until they shall complete their college course; that the Prest of the University open correspondence with the Heads of other Literary Institutions of the Confederacy proposing the adoption of a general regulation exempting for a limited time from military service the members of the two highest classes of our colleges to enable them to attain the Degree of Batchelor of Arts.
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