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Title: Philanthropic Society Minutes, September 15, 1875 [Containing the First Philanthropic Society Minutes After the University's Reopening]: Electronic Edition.
Author: Winston, George Tayloe (1852-1932)
Funding from the University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill supported the electronic publication of this title.
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First Edition, 2005
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Publisher: The University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Title of collection: Records of the Philanthropic Society (#40166), University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title of document: Philanthropic Society Minutes, September 15, 1875 [Containing the First Philanthropic Society Minutes After the University's Reopening]
Author: Geo. T. Winston
Description: 4 pages, 4 page images
Note: Call number 40166 (University Archives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Philanthropic Society Minutes, September 15, 1875 [Containing the First Philanthropic Society Minutes After the University's Reopening]
Winston, George Tayloe (1852-1932)

Page 1

Philanthropic Hall
Wednesday Afternoon, 15 Sep. 1875
After notice duly published in the news-papers of the state, the Society was called to order by Col. W. L. Saunders . Mr. Geo. T. Winston acted as Secretary. Ten members were found to be present. The following resolution was made and adopted:
Resolved: That a communication be sent to the Dialectic Society congratulating that body upon this happy occasion, and asking that the agreement now existing between the two Societies whereby students are prohibited from the initiation until after a residence here of five weeks be suspended for this day and no longer.

The President directed Mr. Winston to bear this resolution to the Dialectic Society. The following communication was rec'd in reply.

"Dialectic Hall, 15 Sep. 1875
Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Phil. Society: The Dialectic Society reciprocate the greetings of your Body upon the auspicious re-organization of these time-honored institutions and beg leave to say that they have adopted the resolution offered by your Body. Will: H. Battle , Pres't."
The following motion was then adopted. Moved: That the present initiation fee be suspended until again adopted or further amended.
    R. H. Graves, Sr,

Page 2
The following students of the University were then proposed and being unanimously accepted were initiated in due form as regular members of the Society.
    F. D. Winston, Windsor, Bertie Co, N.C.
    Charles Bord, [Windsor, Bertie Co, N.C.]
    O. G. Thompson, Wilmington, [N.C.]
    John H. Sherrod, Hamilton, Martin Co, [N.C.]
    Fernando G. James, Greenville, Pitt Co, [N.C.]
    C. W. Hunter, Enfield, [N.C.]
    Charles G. Vines, Sparta, Edgecombe Co, [N.C.]
    James S. Manning, Pittsboro, [N.C.]
    Latimer G. Vaughan, Warrenton, [N.C.]
    James M. Nicholson, Enfield, [N.C.]
    Arthur Arrington, Louisburg, [N.C.]
    Thaddeus Barlow, Tarboro, [N.C.]
    W. J. Peele, Jackson, [N.C.]
    Robt. H. Davis, Louisburg, [N.C.]
    Fred. P. Barrow, Jackson, [N.C.]
    Jo. B. Lewis, Nash Co, [N.C.]
    J. M. Taylor, Chapel Hill, [N.C.]
    J. C. Powell, Edgecombe Co, [N.C.]
    Mac. R. Griffin, Elizabeth City, [N.C.]
    Henry Lloyd, Edgecombe Co, [N.C.]
    James Col Taylor, Chapel Hill, [N.C.]
    E. P. Maynard, Morrissville, [N.C.]
    R. B. Parker, Enfield, [N.C.]
    Jno. M. Manning, Pittsborough, [N.C.]
    Jno. H. Sawyer, Elizabeth City, [N.C.]
    Edward T. Bynum, Edgecombe Co, [N.C.]
    H. W. Stubbs, Williamton, [N.C.]
    V. B. Moore, Raleigh, [N.C.]

Page 3
    Richard Dillard, Jr, Edenton, N.C.
The applicants then signed the pledge in presence of the Society. The President, Col. Saunders , then appointed Mr. Geo. T. Winston, President of the Society until that office can be duly elected according to the constitution. Mr. Winston then took the chair, and Col. Saunders made the following report and remarks:
Mr. President and Fellow-members: Seven years ago acting under authority from this Society conferred upon me at a meeting held in this Hall on 1 June 1868, I took from the muniment room the record of its constitution and laws together with other valuable papers and manuscripts. Report was at once made to the Executive officers of the State at Raleigh and a military guard sent up here and quartered in the college buildings. The military availed nothing however. Our archives remained in my possession, and I have the pleasure of announcing to you that at this moment they are still safe.
Today acting under the same authority and after having given full notice of the time and the place of this the first meeting held since June 1868, I have called the Society to order, have appointed a President to hold his office until a regular election can be held under the requirements of the constitution, have initiated twenty-nine members, students of the University, and have done such other things as seemed necessary to the well-being of the society. You are now in a condition to proceed regularly under the constitution in all the noble purposes for which the Society was established; nothing therefore remains for me to do save to surrender to you formally the custody of your records which have already been returned to the place from which they were taken. And this I do with the strict injunction that they be well guarded.

Page 4
And now, Mr. President and fellow-members, congratulating you upon this happy occasion and praying God's choicest blessing for all time to come upon our beloved Society, I surrender into its hands the authority it rested in me seven years ago.
The Society then adjourned at 6½ o'clock.

W. L. Saunders , Pres.

Geo. T. Winston, Sec.