From Investigation to Implementation

Building a Program
for the Large-Scale
Digitization of Manuscripts

Publications and Presentations

Documents from the Extending the Reach of Southern Sources Mellon Grant

Download the full report: extending_the_reach.pdf

Documents from Symposia

In 2009, the Extending the Reach project hosted two one-day symposia at UNC-Chapel Hill, the first, on February 12, dedicated to the legal and ethical implications of large-scale manuscript digitization, and the second, on March 12, dedicated to the sustainability of large-scale manuscript digitization. Notes and slides from some of the presentations are available for download. For a full description of both symposia, see pages 16-20 of the report.

Presentation TitlePresentorNotes or Slides
Third-Party Privacy: Legal and Ethical ObligationsAprille Cooke McKaymckay.pdf
Third Party Privacy Case StudiesNancy Kaiser and Matt Turikaiser_turi.pdf
Reconciling Modern Archival Practices and Ethics with Large-Scale Digitization (panel)Merrilee Proffitt (moderator)
Barbara Aikensaikens.pdf
Tom Hyryhyry.pdf
Bill Landislandis.pdf
Dan Santamariasantamaria.pdf

Documents from the Legal and Ethical Implications of Large-Scale Manuscript Digitization Symposium

Presentation TitlePresentorNotes or Slides
Business Models for Large-Scale Digitization Programs (panel)Cal Lee (moderator)
Liz Bishoffbishoff.pdf
John Wilkinwilkin.pdf
Workflows for Large-Scale Digitization at the Archives of American ArtBarbara Aikens, Toby Reiter, and Karen Weissaikens_weiss_reiter.pdf

Documents from the Moving from Projects to a Program: The Sustainability of Large-Scale Digitization of Manuscript Collections Symposium

Documents from the Thomas E. Watson Papers Digitization Project

Download the project's workflow diagram: watson_workflow.pdf

Download data dictionaries used to encode the project metadata:

Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)tei_datadictionary.doc
Metadata for Objects in XML (MODS)mods_datadictionary.doc
Metadata for Images in XML (MIX)mix_datadictionary.doc