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Annie Sutton Cameron
A Record of the War Activities in Orange County, North Carolina. 1917-1919
: Transcript of the manuscript, UNC-Chapel Hill, Southern Historical Collection, .


Annie Sutton Cameron, Historian for the Orange County Council of Defense, compiled a strikingly comprehensive list of activities and information about Orange County's participation in the war effort from 1917 through 1919. Nearly one hundred pages of manuscripts chronicle the tremendous work undertaken by local civilians, and women in particular, to support the war effort. The documents include information about the formation of a local Red Cross chapter and minutes from some of their meetings. They also describe the North Carolina Woman's Committee of the Council of National Defense, which worked to coordinate local organizations including the many "War Circles" where local women made thousands of bandages, socks, clothing, and supplies for the soldiers overseas. (For more information, see the Mobilizing Resources section.) Patriotic events such as Rally Day 1917, the July 4th celebration in 1918, and two large homecoming festivities held in Hillsboro July 16, 1919 and Chapel Hill on May 10, 1919 are described in detail. (For more, see Tar Heels at Home/Patriotism & Politics. For more on the return of North Carolina troops, see the "The Soldiers' Experience" section.) Lists of funds collected through the War Fund, the War Savings Campaign, which used War Savings Stamps, and Liberty Bonds sold by four local banks indicate a successful fundraising campaign. Local efforts to help during the influenza epidemic of 1918 are also described. (For more on the epidemic, see "Introduction: Carolinians Go to War.") Of particular interest are lists of Orange County volunteer and drafted soldiers with their draft dates, Orange County soldiers enlisted elsewhere, and Orange County soldiers killed in action or dead of wounds or disease.

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