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by Dr. Michael Sistrom

A Note to users: The introductions to subject sections, subsections, and individual items within "North Carolinians and the Great War" also include lists of sources consulted. Most of those sources are not listed in this bibliography. You should consult those source lists as well, especially for more specific topics, such as African Americans or wartime finance.

I. Published and Unpublished Works:

A Note to users: None of the items listed in the bibliography could be included in this site due to copyright, page length, or other grant restrictions. All of the items, however, are available at the North Carolina Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Except where noted, they do not circulate and must be used in the Collection's reading room.

North Carolina and World War I:

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Propaganda Posters:

All of these items are available at either the Sloane Art Library or the Rare Book Collection. The Art Library books circulate.

William Hayes Ackland Memorial Art Center. WWI Propaganda Posters: A Selection from the Bowman Gray Collection of Materials Related to WWI & WWII (Chapel Hill: Ackland Art Center, University of North Carolina, 1969)

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General Histories of World War I:

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II. Web Sites:
North Carolina and World War I:

"Naval History/USS North Carolina ACR-12"

The University of NC at Greensboro: "Anna Maria Gove Collection, 1864-1952"
[ NOTE: this is not an on-line collection, but only a finding guide to the Anna Maria Gove Collection, at UNC-G's Archives and Manuscripts.]

Propaganda Posters:

Library of Congress, "Prints and Photographs: World War I Posters"

Georgetown University: "American Posters of World War One from the collection of Roger N. Mohovich"

College of Charleston: "World War I & II Propaganda Posters"

University of Washington: "War Poster Collection"

Colorado College: "World War I Poster Guide"

U.S. Navy: "U.S. Navy Recruiting Posters, World War I"

Franklin and Marshal College: Special Collections: "World War I and II Posters"

Univerisity of Texas Law School: "Hyder Collection--Representative WWI Posters"

General Histories of World War I:

"Trenches on the Web--Reference Library"

Brigham Young University: "The World War I Document Archive"

The Great War Society & The Library of Congress: "The Doughboy Center--General Headquarters"

University of Tulsa: "The World War I Collection"