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Elizabeth Herbert Smith Taylor Diaries (#4994).
8 September 1918-10 May 1919:

Electronic Edition.

Taylor, Elizabeth Herbert Smith, b. 1888

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(title page) Daylogue
Elizabeth Herbert Smith Taylor
[248] p.

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Elizabeth Herbert Smith
Scotland Neck
North Carolina


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                         Who can say
                         Why to-day
                         To-morrow will be


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September 7 [1918]

        1918. Given to me by Adele
and Walter Guion:
Lunch at Garvoni's, to
the Gaity, dinner at McAlpine.

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September 8 [1918]

        1918. Sunday.
Embarked. we are
1st class travelling steerage
Danced on deck in rain

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September 9 [1918]

        19[18] did not sail until after
lunch. had the ships
physician. but not for

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September 10 [1918]

        19[18]. A suicide last night
can't find out anymore
I am wondering where
"87" is. Miss Nelson is kind now.

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September 11 [1918]

        19[18] A wonderful day! On deck
all day. drilled. sewed.
Met Lt. Bell from N.C.
But I do miss dancing.

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September 12 [1918]

        19[18] In bed w/ sorethroat.
Had a very interesting
call by Military surgeon.
I think he is a Virginian

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September 13 [1918]

        19[18] Capt. Eanes scolded
me when he called.
declared I was signall-
ing to a convoy

Page [9]
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September 14 [1918]

        19[18] Didn't I get mixed up w/
the O. G's! Laughed with Capt.
Eanes until weak. Steward
last bottle of ginger ale @ $1.00.

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September 15 [1918]

        19[18] Early celebration--no break-
fast. Miserable day from cold.
Porpoises playing--say a whale
is sighted. To bed etc. a book.

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September 16 [1918]

        19[18] Awfully cold and
windy. Did not
get on deck. played

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September 17 [1918]

        19[18] Another mistake in
message to O.G. I
don't carry my head
well on board.

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September 18 [1918]

        19[18] Things are better: our
nurses manage to stay
at the table for
their meals.

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September 19 [1918]

        19[18] Nearly froze to death last
night. snow and sleet.
The steward says we ran
up near Iceland.

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September 20 [1918]

        19[18] Great excitement getting
packed up. Irene of
dancing fame was
on deck smoking.

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September 21 [1918]

        19[18] Landed at Liverpool. Took train
for South Hampton. reached there 2:30 am.
Saw lovely homes, flowers
and parks. Love it all.

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September 22 [1918]

        19[18] After sleeping in a
quaint little room--a
regular queer breakfast. Emb-
arked again at 5 p.m.

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September 23 [1918]

        19[18] Met a dandy English officer--
we have dandy times. He
is so curious about nurses'
uniforms. In his office!

Page [19]
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September 24 [1918]

        La Havre. 19[18] Had to disembark after a
glorious night swinging
in a cradle--all dressed. I
hated to tell him goodbye. Blue silk hankie

Page [20]
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September 25 [1918]

        19[18] Such a night as last was
at the Strasbourg! Slept &
had a shampoo. Entrained
again at 7:30 p.m. for Paris.

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September 26 [1918]

        19[18] Ate cold tomatoes and pork
& beans for breakfast. Slept
on seats all night--missed
train--did Paris this p.m.

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September 27 [1918]

        19[18] Up at 5 a.m. cold pork
& beans for breakfast & lunch.
Reached here--Mesvres-- in
time for dinner.

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September 28 [1918]

        19[18] On the O.R. Unit so
many nice officers. Nine
nurses in hospital. I am
well, happy & good appetite.

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September 29 [1918]

        19[18] My major and captain are
so pleased w/ our work. My
mess. O. is bringing cakes
tonight: last night was pie

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September 30 [1918]

        19[18] I feel like Sam
McGee's sister: if I
ever get warm
again! Several nurses ill

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October 1 [1918]

        19[18] After a cold day, four
of us went into town
for some wine to warm
up. Sat out in court on cold stones.

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October 2 [1918]

        19[18] Operated in the open
on three cases today. I
am still frozen. have a
perpetual ache in my shoulder.

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October 3 [1918]

        19[18] Went over to the
hospital--couldn't go
in. but several nurses
very ill. Am so cold!

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October 4 [1918]

        19[18] Tis dreadful to
hear Miss Hardy call
for her mother. she
is dying tonight.

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October 5 [1918]

        19[18] Miss Hardy died last

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October 6 [1918]

        19[18] My, we are kept
busy in the O.R.
And the patients!

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October 7 [1918]

        19[18] I hear that captain
Glascock is awfully
ill. he is a Virginian
and is so nice

Page [33]
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October 8 [1918]

        19[18] Miss Hardy was
buried in a trunk
w/ nine soldiers

Page [34]
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October 9 [1918]

        1918 Miss McMullen
died today. We are
not going to her
funeral as we are too

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October 10 [1918]

        1918 Capt. Weinstein
came up w/ the sad
news of Capt. Glascock's

Page [36]
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October 11 [1918]

        1918 I have a chilblain
and can hardly
walls. imagine my

Page [37]
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October 12 [1918]

        1918 Am beginning to
long for letters.

Page [38]
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October 13 [1918]

        1918 Every nurse ordered
out but Mrs. E. five
ill nurses and my
self. We are rushed.

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October 14 [1918]

        1918 Hurrah! Two nurses
from "55" came in.
They go on night duty
over 800 patients each.

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October 15 [1918]

        1918. I want a letter.
Had such a queer
dream about a
black horse & crazy baby.

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October 16 [1918]

        1918. Captain Dunoir
was we like
the lab. here. And
Lt. Telfair is nice too.

Page [42]
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October 17 [1918]

        1918 I operated on the
C.O's finger. Major
Blacksburn says
I am a vampire.

Page [43]
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October 18 [1918]

        1918 A never to be forgotten
trip to Mesvres. Helped the
old lady with her wheelbarrow
full of carrots out of a mud
puddle, went into a
cottage & packed a girls'
nose: Mrs. Eubanks & I.
Result--a laundry woman.

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October 19 [1918]

        19[18] 350 new litter patients came
in. My first bathe (shower) &
am wearing men's underwear
the R. C. captain gave me.

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October 20 [1918]

        19[18] And tonight there was
a real tub bathe tho'
the water was as
yellow as the James.

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October 21 [1918]

        19[18] I just can't like
Major Blackburn
tho' he says such
nice things about me.

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October 22 [1918]

        19[18] I am gradually
gathering the O.R. into
shape. The Colonel
is in bed w/ a bad eye.

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October 23 [1918]

        19[18] Went to Mesves again
to our charming French
laundress. Had a ride
in the R. C. car.

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October 24 [1918]

        19[18] I hear that the girls
who left here are w/ "40"
and L. C. L. is near
there dancing! I don't care.

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October 25 [1918]

        19[18] Same old wants and
wishes for something
I'll never have!

Page [51]
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October 26 [1918]

        19[18] To a dance given
by the 316 Engineers.
danced and danced! The
decorations were beautiful

Page [52]
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October 27 [1918]

        19[18] Over did the stunt
and am sick.
I should be "typed."
"Type 4. L. C. L."

Page [53]
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October 28 [1918]

        19[18] In bed all day w/ a
dose of oil. Captain
Hargrave came in. We
all made a surprise.

Page [54]
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October 29 [1918]

        1918 Were asked to call on
Capt. Perdue at 7:30 p.m.
Danced and sang
in the Officers' Mess Hall

Page [55]
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October 30 [1918]

        1918 Had my first letter
from home. Jamie.
Don't I love him.

Page [56]
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October 31 [1918]

        19[18] The Arch-Bishop's
picture came today.
He is right by my
little pillow!

Page [57]
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November 1 [1918]

         Charlie's birthday.
The memorial services.

        My heavens! To be
lost here "somewhere
in France" where
there is nothing doing!

Page [58]
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November 2 [1918]

        19[18] I ran amuck in the
O.R. Went to a dance
last evening and had a
wonderful time w/ an Engineer

Page [59]
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November 3 [1918]

        19[18] A big fat letter from Sister
Jule this morning! 'Tis a
shame to operate on
Sundays when 'tis not necessary!

Page [60]
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November 4 [1918]

        19[18] Guess what? Had a letter
from "L. C. L." today and
he is a "capitan." But his
photo is awful!

Page [61]
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November 5 [1918]

        19[18] And yet more nurses
are ordered out! I am
wondering if they will
take all but me!

Page [62]
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November 6 [1918]

        19[18] Lt. Roden came over
to ask me out to
dinner. He reminds me
of "A Man's Man" by Webster.

Page [63]
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November 7 [1918]

        19[18] Couldn't go to dinner
w/ Lt. Roden as I have
a bad throat. My, he
is a wonderful dancer.

Page [64]
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November 8 [1918]

        19[18] Captain D'Au says I can
raise the flag. And we
are going to have a
real reception.

Page [65]
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November 9 [1918]

        19[18] Lt. Telfer, Mrs. E. & I went to
Mesvres to carry laundry. Had
some champagne. Went to
a wonderful dance at 909 Lt. R.

Page [66]
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November 10 [1918]

        19[18] A real Euchanstic cele-
bration this morning.
Chaplain Cleveland is from
the front--shell shocked.

Page [67]
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November 11 [1918]

        19[18] A crowd of us walked to
Mesvres to the laundry
carrying soiled laundry. Drank
champagne to celebrate.

Page [68]

November 12 [1918]

        19[18] "The Kellys"--Miss Sharon
and Miss Robbins #55, left
today. We hated for them
to go. To see Col. Moncrief.

Page [69]

November 13 [1918]

        19[18] Claibourne's birthday!
Had a fudge party over at the
Mess. hall. Lts. Roden, Maynard,
Schwartz, Blakelock, Telfer & "us."

Page [70]

November 14 [1918]

        19[18] Went to dinner at Boulcy w/
Lt. Roden--"the Boot Club."
Beaucoup champagne & poulet.
Had a dance at the Mess hall.

Page [71]

November 15 [1918]

        19[18] Stayed home and wrote
letters. Crowd came in and
stayed until late. I do just
hate 86

Page [72]

November 16 [1918]

        19[18] To dance at "89" w/ Lt. Roden. Had
my first dance w/ Lt. Maynard.
He is splendid. The girls
are all leaving me here alone.

Page [73]

November 17 [1918]

        19[18] The girls left Mrs. Eubank &
me here alone. Operated all
day but walked to La Chareté w/
Lt. Eley to meet Lt. Roden & Mrs. E. for dinner

Page [74]

November 18 [1918]

        19[18] Major Hargrave & Capt. Perdue
came over to play cards. Major
and I beat the others. I am
cross and cranky. fussed.

Page [75]

November 19 [1918]

        19[18] Lt. Maynard & Lt. Schwartz
came to play five-hundred!
Made fudge. crawled thru' kitchen
window for bread & pickles.

Page [76]

November 20 [1918]

        19[18] One new nurse has diphtheria. All
had to have cultures made!
Lts. Roden & Eley to play five hundred. We lost: have to give the dinner

Page [77]

November 21 [1918]

        19[18] Another day just
like others--no mail!
Capt. Perdue came
in to play cards.

Page [78]

November 22 [1918]

        19[18] Asked to Pouilly to dinner
by Lt. Lowery but refused.
Lt. Ely & Lt. Roden came
over--all talked French.

Page [79]

November 23 [1918]

        19[18] Went to a dance w/ Lt.
Maynard--to 89--to 54 and
back to 89. Brought Lt. Schwartz
& Miss Barnham in to M.N. feast.

Page [80]

November 24 [1918]

        19[18] Sunday and a busy day!
Off duty at 4:30 p.m. Lt. Roden
& Lt. Ely came in--dead
tired but they stayed m.n.

Page [81]

November 25 [1918]

        19[18] Card party --Misses Andrews,
Phyllis, Kantner, McVay, Mrs. Eubank
& I with Lts. Lowery, Daluers,
Maynard, and Schwartz.

Page [82]

November 26 [1918]

        19[18] Major Blackburn made Lt. Col.
& ordered away. Dance in his
honor. Lt. Maynard, Schwartz
Roden & Eley came in.

Page [83]

November 27 [1918]

        19[18] I am tired. No mail yet. just
took a p.m. slept all time.
Lt. Roden came in but I
left him to Mrs. Eubanks.

Page [84]

November 28 [1918]

        19[18] Dance at "50." Going w/ Lt. Maynard.
... Had a wonderful time. came
home in mud and rain but both of
us enjoyed it all--every bit.

Page [85]

November 29 [1918]

        19[18] Card game on w/ Capt. Perdue
& Lt. Roden. Went to sleep. In
came Major Williams & Lt. McDonald
for help. two nurses stalled in ford.

Page [86]

November 30 [1918]

        19[18] A dance at "89." Going w/ Lt.
Maynard. He is a dandy dancer
Awfully crowded floor. Mrs. Eubanks is no
longer chief: #72 in, and hated.

Page [87]

December 1 [1918]

        19[18] Lt. Maynard did not come.
Mrs. Eubanks, Miss McVay, Lt. Roden
& Lt. Schwartz to Pouilly for dinner.
Miss Kantner, Simone, & I alone.

Page [88]

December 2 [1918]

        19[18] A dance at "67"--went w/ Lt. Maynard
and enjoyed it--coffee was real. We
had fun going in Lt. McDonald's
automobile ambulance.

Page [89]

December 3 [1918]

        19[18] Miss McVay taken from us
and Miss Love given. To see
Major Bocock. Lt. Maynard came
in to exchange blankets. R. C.
opened w/ card party to
"us three."

Page [90]

December 4 [1918]

        19[18] Inspection by Col. Fisher. My little
chat w/ Col. Mancreif about
being lonely. A. R. the best in
camp. Capt. Weinstein happy.

Page [91]

December 5 [1918]

        19[18] Mrs. Eubanks and I are
ordered to Base 72. See Capt. Orr.
Lt. Maynard came over to
be cheered up--bless his heart.

Page [92]

December 6 [1918]

        19[18] This place is mud, mud! We are
wading knee deep in it. I hear
87 is here. Can it be true?
Major Gollman up today.

Page [93]

December 7 [1918]

        19[18] To Mesvres in the ambulance.
Lt. Maynard took me to the
dance at 89. Had a wonder-
ful time except w/ the adjutant.

Page [94]

December 8 [1918]

        19[18] Lt. Maynard came in to
take me for a walk: instead
we stayed at home and had
a big fuss. To bed w// a headache

Page [95]

December 9 [1918]

        19[18] In bed all day until 4 p.m.
Nineteen new nurses in. helped fix
them up. Mrs. Eubanks to Mesvres
Lt. Maynard in for about ½ hr.

Page [96]

December 10 [1918]

        19[18] Made salad etc. all day--decorated
the hall beautifully. Lt. Maynard
took me over to "72's" first dance
Wonderful time but Lt. Maynard ill.

Page [97]

December 11 [1918]

        19[18] Nothing unusual. Simone
operated on and I went over
to help. Poor child told me
all her sorrows under ether.

Page [98]

December 12 [1918]

        19[18] Mrs. Eubanks ill: Major Airtel,
Capt. Huary, Lts. Dalure & Blakelock over:
Lts. Redding & Lt. Luck played mando
lin and ukelele. Lt. Maynard gone.

Page [99]

December 13 [1918]

        19[18] Lt. Pilgram over as a patient. Just
bronchitis & I am specializing.
Surely do miss my very nice
brother! No dance for me tonight.

Page [100]

December 14 [1918]

        19[18] And no church today. up too
late. Made just splendid fudge w/
Lts. Redding and Bengdhal. I do
wish Lt. Maynard would come home.

Page [101]

December 15 [1918]

        19[18] Ran Lt. Roden home last
night. Have been cross and
cranky all day. Such a mess.
A dance but Lt. Maynard isn't here.

Page [102]

December 16 [1918]

        19[18] Went to Nevers today and
had a wonderful time lunching
w/ a French officer. The wonderful
thimble was bought.

Page [103]

December 17 [1918]

        19[18] A letter from Bess Earle! And
Lt. Maynard came in to have
dinner & spend evening w/ us. Lts.
Ely and Colby w/ us in "Cinque-Cent."

Page [104]

December 18 [1918]

        19[18] Lt. Pilgram has pneumonia
still I had to scold him. Capt.
Farris is from Phila. Rain is
coming thru' roof. No bath.

Page [105]

December 19 [1918]

        19[18] Lt. Maynard ran in for 5 min.
early in p.m. to say he would
call in evening. Came up
w/ a temp--from typho--bacteria.

Page [106]

December 20 [1918]

        19[18] Another mail-less day. I am
wondering what kind of
friends "army friends" are anyway.
Hate to think I never see L. C. L.

Page [107]

December 21 [1918]

        19[18] Went to dance at "24" w/ Lt.
Maynard. Crush--under the
table. home at 1 am--mid-
night feast until 2 am.

Page [108]

December 22 [1918]

        19[18] Sick all day: miserable cold
and aching. No mail as usual.
Our floor flooded: roof leak-
ing over everything.

Page [109]

December 23 [1918]

        19[18] Off duty on truck all day.
Mrs. Eubanks to Nevers. Lt.
Maynard up in evening
and again complained of "calls"

Page [110]

December 24 [1918]

        19[18] A cold wet miserable
Xmas eve. Wrote to Dolly
Louise and L.C.L. Made
up Lt. Maynard's box for Xmas.

Page [111]

December 25 [1918]

        19[18] Xmas day. real snow. so many
nurses happy. Mrs. E. & I had a real argument @ the C. O. Lt. Maynard came in and did
need careful handling. I am surely blue.

Page [112]

December 26

        19[18]After a miserable morning, Mrs. E. &
I have come to terms. Lt. Maynard
came up to ask me to a dance, and I
returned the compliment. He's nice

Page [113]

December 27 [1918]

        19[18] A dandy dance given to the
casuals by Mrs. E. Had a wonderful
time but Lt. Maynard made me
cut one. Lt. Winstead is from U. P.

Page [114]

December 28 [1918]

        1918 Still no mail. Had a hard day. am
muddy from head to feet. Went to 89's
dance w/ Lt. Maynard and had a wonder-
ful time. He ate so many sandwiches

Page [115]

December 29 [1918]

        19[18] Sunday--bad sore throat. 20 nurses
are ordered out--rain splashing thro
roof. Miss Kantner has been ordered
over to "89." I am wild to see her.

Page [116]

December 30 [1918]

        19[18] Letters--one from Tom and one from
L.C.L. Needless to say 'tis great to
get mail. Lt. Maynard came in
and spent the evening. Does not like "dido"

Page [117]

December 31 [1918]

        19[18] To a wonderful dance at "89"
w/ Lt. Maynard. He is mad w/ me
tho'. Had a dandy supper and
real New Year's noise & flare.

Page [118]

January 1 [1919]

        1919--Went to a dance given by
Engineers at La Charité. danced
until 12 m.n. dinner followed w/ Lt.
Ely. home at 3:15 am. "Perfume from girls hair"

Page [119]

January 2 [1919]

        1919--Very tired and miserable all
day. All those who went to dance
ill in bed. I am waiting on
them. No mail. --

Page [120]

January 3 [1919]

        1919--Captain Payne & Lt. Ely over to
play Cinque-Cent. Note from Lt.
Maynard asking me to go to the
dance. Am glad he isn't mad!

Page [121]

January 4 [1919]

        1919--To dance at "89" with
my regular partner. He is
surely nice. A letter from Charlie
another from Capt. Ludlum

Page [122]

January 5 [1919]

        1919--An awful wind, roofs
leaving us. Not one
caller tonight. Simone
giving French lessons.

Page [123]

January 6 [1919]

        1919--Lt. Maynard came up
and stayed until 11:30 a.m.
Again this criticism of

Page [124]

January 7 [1919]

        1919 First op. at 72.. Lt. Maynard
and Miss Kantner for supper.
Lts. McKinley, Harmon, Pilgrim,
& Miss Ray for "Cinque Cent"

Page [125]

January 8 [1919]

        1919: Lt. Blakelock up for a
game of cards. He has promised
Mrs. Eubanks a nice card
table--up at the "Con. Camp."

Page [126]

January 9 [1919]

        1919: Mrs. Lockwood brought in just
loads of American Ambulance
Hospt. pictures--makes me just
long to see J. P. Hutchinson

Page [127]

January 10 [1919]

        1919: In bed w/ a fearful headache.
Lt. Maynard up for a short
while--just as sleepy as he
could be.

Page [128]

January 11 [1919]

        1919: Engineers dance w/ Lt. Maynard.
I believe he is getting tired
of going to dances avec moi.
Saw someone who looked blue

Page [129]

January 12 [1919]

        1919. Seven nurses ordered to
Germany. Am wild to be on
my way. I want a letter from
someone--a vast great silence

Page [130]

January 13 [1919]

        1919: Another siege w/ headache.
Candle grease all in my hair:
Five officers left--one, Lt. Redding
to Germany, others w/ Capt. Orr home.

Page [131]

January 14 [1919]

        1919. No mail as usual and a
headache. Lt. Maynard came
up and played cards w/ the
others. How I want some mail.

Page [132]

January 15 [1919]

        1919: Nothing of importance.
The O.R. is dead.
Read and slept.

Page [133]

January 16 [1919]

        1919. Co. E. B. & C. 109th Eng.
left for St. Armand. I
nearly cried. Lt. Ely says
he'll come up some time.

Page [134]

January 17 [1919]

        1919: Letters from Charlie, Bess
and L. C. L. Feel much better!
Lt. Maynard came up,
and played w/ Miss Grant all eve'g

Page [135]

January 18 [1919]

        1919. To a dance at "108" w/ Lt.
Manly from Wisconsin. Our
lobster salad later. Paraded in
Lt. Roden's boots: teased about absent Q. M.

Page [136]

January 19 [1919]

        1919. Dinner (Turkey an' everything)
w/ Lt. Manly over w/ 109th Engineers.
Says I'll have to learn to speak
English. Sore from dancing.

Page [137]

January 20 [1919]

        1919: Over to "86" to get Lt. Lowery
to sing. Nurses gave an entertain-
ment in R.C. Hut. I had to stay
in bed w/ an awful headache.

Page [138]

January 21 [1919]

        1919: Captain Lippincott came in
to make all kinds of blood tests.
I can't imagine what can be
the trouble w/ my head.

Page [139]

January 22 [1919]

        1919: Miss Kantner ill so did not
come to dinner tho Lts. Maynard &
Roden did. Miss Ray & I lost
over dinner to Mrs. E. & Miss Grant. Letter from A. J. U.

Page [140]

January 23 [1919]

        1919: Captain Lippincott came in for
blood culture. I fainted after 3 trials
I am really blue and
need something.

Page [141]

January 24 [1919]

        1919. To a dance at "108" w/
Lt. Maynard. He is so queer --
not one bit like he was.
Music from the "Call."

Page [142]

January 25 [1919]

        1919: My feet are blistered.
Am ordered to Pruniers
Only regret is that I'll
never see Lt. Maynard again

Page [143]

January 26 [1919]

        1919: Lt. Maynard came in a.m.
returned in p.m. to have dinner
w/ us & Lt. Blakelock. Carried us to
the train. Mrs. E. & I in Nevers.

Page [144]

January 27 [1919]

        1919: American Express late so spent
the night at hotel in Nevers--had a
real dinner on. delighted to meet my
Dolly here in Pruniers. I love her.

Page [145]

January 28 [1919]

        1919. To the Chateaux deTauer-
nay w/ Dolly, Mrs. "U" and three
aviator officers for dinner.
Had a very interesting time.

Page [146]

January 29 [1919]

        1919: Am put on a month's sick
leave w/ Dolly. Went to a dance at the
Officers' "Y." Had a wonderful time
w/ all those aviators

Page [147]

January 30 [1919]

        1919. Went to Orleans w/ Miss Morrill
& her capitan, Mrs. E. & St. Barry &
Lt. Whitkaiser. Had a nice ride
down. saw cathedral, had
dinner and auto troubles
that got us home at 4 am.

Page [148]

January 31 [1919]

        1919: In bed all day: received
the jam and tea from Miss
Morrill's "capitan." In bed at
9:00 pm--Unheard of tale!

Page [149]

February 1 [1919]

        1919: Off on our leave. Lt. L &
Captain to see us off. The two
very thrilling aviators. Lts. Bain
& Churchward trying to make
us stay over to a dance w/
them. Left in Paris. Put
up at Hotel St. Romaine.

Page [150]

February 2 [1919]

        1919: busy in a.m. w/ Red Tape.
Tried to see Prince of Sev--
but because too cold so had
to move on. Our canary sings.

Page [151]

February 3 [1919]

        1919: In bed all day until
time to have supper and
leave for the Gare du Lyon. In
a compartment w/ 4 nice artillery officers.

Page [152]

February 4 [1919]

        1919: An interesting day: had a nice
trip down. Saw Capt. Ludwig, Lt.
Lyon & Patsy on train for Nice.
Hated to tell my newly found
friends goodbye. The
home in Antibes
so came over here to the
Grand Hotel in Cannes. Saw
Louise Reinhardt first thing.
She has made me so
happy about something. I
am in a marvellous swim

Page [153]

February 5 [1919]

        1919: Cannes is beautiful!
We just lived in the
sun all day. Moved to
the Albion.

Page [154]

February 6 [1919]

        1919. Met Lt. Blue and
had tea and danced at
the Officer's Club. Engineer
who knew Lt. Ely.

Page [155]

February 7 [1919]

        1919: Came over here to Antibes
a matin. Am so glad
as 'tis "beautifuller" yet here.
Miss Delano here also.

Page [156]

February 8 [1919]

        1919: Such a nice lazy
day--slept and read
all day. Scotch officer
swapped me & Dolly.

Page [157]

February 9 [1919]

        1919: Miss Delano gives
us a nice little talk.
I am desperately lazy
and sit all the time

Page [158]

February 10 [1919]

        1919: Over to Cannes
for the day. Tea at
the Officers' Club
again. Met Lt. Emmett

Page [159]

February 11

        1919. Dolly, Louise & I
to Nice to spend the
day w/ Lt. Emmett. Had
a glorious day.

Page [160]

February 12 [1919]

        1919: To Cannes. had a
funny Capt. Slater of Wash
to bore me to death.
Trained it out.

Page [161]

February 13 [1919]

        1919: "Sunny" is down
Actually heard from
home today. I am
enjoying this place.

Page [162]

February 14 [1919]

        1919: Went to a Valentine
dance at the Officer's
Club. Met Lt. Gould. Also
saw my Montana lawyer

Page [163]

February 15 [1919]

        1919: Danced w/ Lt. Gould at
the Officer's Club after tea
in p.m. and he came
out to our dance in
the evening. Several
men of the Tennis
Tournament over here
and danced tonight.
Had such a snippy
letter from Captain
Ludlum today. He is
so mean!

Page [164]

February 16 [1919]

        1919. Miss Hobbs and
Miss Swayne left us
today. I've written many
letters & yawned.

Page [165]

February 17 [1919]

        1919: To tea and Lt. Gould
brought us home in machine.
Lost girls' name. In to a
dance . . to the Carlton "bar."

Page [166]

February 18 [1919]

        1919: Saw the old donjon in
Antibes. Walked home w/
Mass. sargeant. Missed our
trip to Grasse. Funny Captain.

Page [167]

February 19 [1919]

        1919: The wonderful "tear"
for Louise and her Q. M.
Deep remorse. dance at
O's C. Broken engagements

Page [168]

February 20 [1919]

        1919: Shopped. Met my new
Spring hat. No mail. Captain
L. is ill. The Gasant at O's C.
Had lots of fun w/ Louise.

Page [169]

February 21 [1919]

        1919: To Cannes. to spend the
day w/ Lts. Lewis & Young.
watched tennis tournament
& motored to Nice.

Page [170]

February 22 [1919]

        1919: In bed until 11. Lts. Lewis
and Young came out to spend
the day. Louise and I lunch-
ed there at Eden Rock. 60 francs'
And we went into the
Private's Dance. stayed until
10--then to Officer's Club.
Refused to dance--tired!
And Louise had a letter,
from Captain Ludlum.

Page [171]

February 23 [1919]

        1919: Lazy all day: Louise
went to Nice on a wild
chase. I want a real
letter. Bess is angry w/ me.

Page [172]

February 24 [1919]

        1919: Dolly's birthday. Up
early and went on a
trip to Grasse and up the
Loup. Saw three of
Rubins pictures.
Tea at R.C. club. No
dance tonight and
no mail. Miss Learned in.

Page [173]

February 25 [1919]

        1919: Ale, I hate to
think of leaving here
Went to Carnes and
had a very interesting
trip in w/ a Colonel and
two Majors. Am having
my shoes half soled. My
only pair. am wearing Louise's.

Page [174]

February 26 [1919]

        1919: To Nice, Monte Carlo,
& Italian border.
Louise tried to pet me
& tuck me--and I didn't
like it much to
her surprise.

Page [175]

February 27 [1919]

        1919 Went in for tea w/
the two Louises. saw
only the big aviator.
Tired from tripping.

Page [176]

February 28 [1919]

        1919: To the Isles de St Marguerite &
St. Honorat w/ both Louises. Lt. Lewis
& Lt. Thayer. Sailed over on the
beautifully rough & blue sea--
saw where the Prince of
the Iron Mask was kept

Page [177]

February 29 [1919]

        1919--No such day.

Page [178]

March 1 [1919]

        1919: Had a dance out here
this evening. I had a dandy
time avoiding & teasing Lt.
Young. Major Snow nice.

Page [179]

March 2 [1919]

        1919: Charlie came over to
see me today. He is stationed
at Nice. Dr. West calls me
one of the three Graces.

Page [180]

March 3 [1919]

        19[19] "We Three" lunched w/ Lt. Lewis
at Edu-Roe today: went to
Cannes & Nice to see him
off. No mail. No L. C. L.

Page [181]

March 4 [1919]

        1919: The "Gibson girls" start
for home. Met Col. Woodbury
& Major Clarkson in
Cannes. Were so good
to us. Lt. Walden had
supper on the train w/ us.
slept in our compartment.
Knows J. P. U. still no
letter from L. C. L. Is
he angry?

Page [182]

March 5 [1919]

        1919: In Paris at 3:30 p.m. Tried
to get J. P. on the phone but
couldn't. Tired and to
bed. Louise met Cpt. Morrison

Page [183]

March 6 [1919]

        1919: Spent the day w/ Capt.
Morrison. took us to the
Pantheone de la Guerre and
Napoleon's Tomb. Went to
the Casino de Paris.
enjoyed it immensely. met
the lonely little
Captain. Naughty Louise

Page [184]

March 7 [1919]

        1919: To the Louvre at last!
Met Lt. Young at the Regina.
To hear Castor & Pollux at
the Opera House w/ the
crowd. Kelsie told me
that L. C. L. tried to get to
Cannes. If he only had!

Page [185]

March 8 [1919]

        1919: R. T. O. says we are in
Paris too long but can't
arrest us. Arrived at Pruniers
cold & hungry. 14 letters and
a card from D. R. M.
Still no mail from L. C. L.
He's nothing but an Army find
anyway. didn't go to the
dance tonight

Page [186]

March 9 [1919]

        1919: Am in the O.R.
Met a couple of
nice men. No mail.
Isn't he mean!

Page [187]

March 10 [1919]

        1919: Several ops--much interesting
work in view --but "long came"
a big headache and I am
sent to bed dinnerless w/ codeine gr ¼.

Page [188]

March 11 [1919]

        1919: In bed all day. Major
Howe in to see me. says
I may have to go home. Had a
letter from Lt. Maynard.

Page [189]

March 12 [1919]

        1919: Am up today but my
head is so light. 'tis actually
heavy. They say I must appear
before the examining board!!

Page [190]

March 13 [1919]

        1919: Couldn't go to the dance on
Monday or last night. "Le mal
a la tete." Hope I am better
soon! No mail! I hate L. C. L.

Page [191]

March 14 [1919]

        1919: A funny letter from
Lt. Walden explaining
why we didn't see
him again. Our fault.

Page [192]

March 15 [1919]

        1919: Mrs. E. has gone to
Paris on official business.
She is going to call
on J. P. My headaches.

Page [193]

March 16 [1919]

        1919: Fourteen new nurses
in! Mrs. E. not back and
no mail in spite of my
dream last night.

Page [194]

March 17 [1919]

        1919: St. Patrick's day and
Dolly & I celebrated by having
a delivery at 4:30 a.m. The child is
named Therese.

Page [195]

March 18 [1919]

        1919: Mrs. Eubanks home.
Has seen J. P., and says
he is coming down soon.
Dull monotonous days.

Page [196]

March 19 [1919]

        1919: Today I was ordered be-
fore the examining board: I am
being sent home. Major Howe is
consoling. Phila aviator nice.

Page [197]

March 20 [1919]

        1919: One of our nurses from
Germany down for baggage. Over
to the com. Q. W. Had quite
a time w/ Simone. No mail.

Page [198]

March 21 [1919]

        1919: Lt. Maynard walked
in! Won't we glad to see him?
Lang-ie, Miss Lewis, Dolly and
I leave for Germany. but
we stopped here at
Tours to spend the
night. A note sent up to
Room 48 by an officer.

Page [199]

March 22 [1919]

        1919: To the Cathedral: left Tours at
noon and a nice Q. W. shavetail found
me a seat. Was nice to Dolly. At the
Rec. Station, wanted to put me in a
mental ward. Dolly & I are
Langy and Lewie are laughing
at us.

Page [200]

March 23 [1919]

        1919: Am left here at Savenay all
alone. The nurse had to pet me.
My physical gave me a headache.
Misses Palmer & Evans are admitted.

Page [201]

March 24 [1919]

        1919: Ten nurses ordered to
embark. Some mad and
some glad. I feel wooden--
they can do as they choose.

Page [202]

March 25 [1919]

        1919: Well, the ten are gone and
I am over here at Wd 18
for observation. This is so
much quieter.

Page [203]

March 26 [1919]

        1919: Was examined by a
new man--he says I
have thyroid trouble.
C'est la guerre!

Page [204]

March 27 [1919]

        1919: Rumors again--I wish
I were going to be at
the U.N.C. dinner in

Page [205]

March 28 [1919]

        1919: Went before a board
that marked me
"To be evacuated as
soon as possible."

Page [206]

March 29 [1919]

        1919: Brother's birthday.
It has surely been
a mean day. I do
want my mail.

Page [207]

March 30 [1919]

        1919: Went to R.C. church in
a.m., to walk w/ Lt. Rowen in
the p.m. To church again
in the little village.

Page [208]

March 31 [1919]

        1919: Up town twice--also
went for Jonquils. Went
up to my knees in a water
cress field I thought a meadow.
To a dance.

Page [209]

April 1 [1919]

        1919: To a masquerade dance
Dressed like a Grecian maid
Vamped Captain Orr until
he was more than puzzled
and finally left still
in mask, unknown.

Page [210]

April 2 [1919]

        1919: To Pont Chateau--did
the stations of the Cross.
Didn't go to the Casual's
Dance as I promised.

Page [211]

April 3 [1919]

        1919: As usual--no mail and
constant grumblings from
the "Class D patients"

Page [212]

April 4 [1919]

        1919: Dr. and I did a
Marathon to the "Gare."

Page [213]

April 5 [1919]

        1919: Did nothing but run up
town to get Miss McCarty's
yoke. visited the pastry shop
and a cute little French baby.

Page [214]

April 6 [1919]

        1919: To baseball game between
the Officers and Non-coms. I
could imagine other officers
in their places.

Page [215]

April 7 [1919]

        1919: To Guëronde, and then on
to La Bouche for picnic lunch.
A wild ride home in the truck
thru' St. Nazaire. A letter from Louise.

Page [216]

April 8 [1919]

        1919: Went to the "K- frolics"
and was wild to go to their
dance but didn't. Wrote to
L. C. L. instead. Will he wear it?

Page [217]

April 9 [1919]

        1919: To the "113" dance this evening
Had a dandy dancer from
Boston infantry of 27th. He has
been gassed and is splendid!

Page [218]

April 10 [1919]

        1919: All ordered out: my feet are all
blistered from last night.
A noisy ward.

Page [219]

April 11 [1919]

        1919: Ready for train but
were ordered to stay
here another day. Had
a note from Dolly.

Page [220]

April 12 [1919]

        1919: Today we were ordered
out really. On hospital train
#60. Saw my gassed Sargent
to say goodbye.

Page [221]

April 13 [1919]

        1919: In St. Nazaire when I
awakened. came on board
the Rijndam at 9 a.m. Saw
the 41 Unit. Lt. Wellford minus

Page [222]

April 14 [1919]

        1919: Had a lovely day. Talked w/
"The Col." Major Reuhl and Lt.
Owen all day. Tis very rough
over half of passengers ill.

Page [223]

April 15 [1919]

        1919: Met a nice little M.G. man.
Awful storm last night. only seven
nurses well. On duty until late.
Have danced only once.

Page [224]

April 16 [1919]

Forget it! Ruehl

Page [225]

April 17 [1919]

        19[19] A great load taken of my
mind to day. Washed my hair
& took a bath. "Beaucoup" hair devour-
ed by Lt. Owen as he likes taste of (we'll
buy tonic.)

Page [226]

April 18 [1919]

        1919: Listened to Dr. Thomas's
confession. He surely is a
fascinating man and is the
best dancer in the world.

Page [227]

April 19 [1919]

        1919: Don't feel well. Today, But
listened to Lt. Owen's troubles. I
enjoy these Naval Officers
I ache in every limb.

Page [228]

April 20 [1919]

        1919: Easter morn! I am put
in Isolation by Dr Thomas and
given beaucoup drink by very
nice Miss Allen.

Page [229]

April 21 [1919]

        1919: Another day in bed but
am moved on port side.
Am dead hungry.

Page [230]

April 22 [1919]

        1919: Up and receiving con-
gratulations. at a dance and
Lt. Owens & I came near faint
ing. He had a hemorrhage.

Page [231]

April 23 [1919]

        1919: Another dance: the first
five w/ Ensign Gallagher. Miss
Kantner wore Col Caball's cap &
was punished.

Page [232]

April 24 [1919]

        1919: Our last dance. w/ the
"Gobs" from 7:30--9--officers 9--11.
Had a wonderful time and
a glorious fox-trot w/ Lt. Owens.

Page [233]

April 25 [1919]

        1919: Went to bed so late & up early.
Landed at Newport News at 2:30 p.m.
and am now in Old Soldier's Home
at Hampton. Lt. Harris is nice.

Page [234]

April 26 [1919]

        1919: Went over to Newport News
to see Hines. Ensign Bartlett
came over & took Miss Kantner
and me to Hotel Chamberlaine

Page [235]

April 27 [1919]

        1919: To Newport News again
Saw Col. Clark w/ his
father--Champ Clark.
A real club sandwich!

Page [236]

April 28 [1919]

        1919--Misses Kantner, Smith &
I went to Norfolk. Ensign
Bartlett w/ us. spent the
day--danced in evening.

Page [237]

April 29 [1919]

        1919: In bed all day--am
just lazy. Met a Loot. from
Camp Sevier last night
also Miss Brooks & Lt. Dunn.

Page [238]

April 30 [1919]

        1919: Ordered to Biltmore.
Dinner at The Jefferson
in Richmond and am
now on sleeper waiting to go out

Page [239]

May 1 [1919]

        1919: Breakfast in Salisbury--met
the attorney for Sen. R. R. wonderful
trip. I room w/ Miss Kantner: Misses Ford,
Lawson, Nelson and Page are here.

Page [240]

May 2 [1919]

        1919: Trolleyed into Asheville--the
prices are awful! Don't tell me
France is exorbitant! Moved
into another section.

Page [241]

May 3 [1919]

        1919: A lazy day. I did want
my mail so but not one
letter came. We shocked the
Lt. examining Miss McCartney.

Page [242]

May 4 [1919]

        1919: Sunday and no mail.
Saw a negro baptizing in
the river and we walked
into Biltmore for sodas.

Page [243]

May 5 [1919]

        1919: No mail. Had my
physical this evening and
I am to be discharged
tout de suite. I am glad!

Page [244]

May 6 [1919]

        1919: Stayed in bed all day
while Miss Kantner read
out loud to me. "Mac" con-
fides her fears that she's a vamp

Page [245]

May 7 [1919]

        1919: Have my orders to leave
for home day after tomorrow
I still have no mail.
I am mad about it!

Page [246]

May 8 [1919]

        1919: Went to the 30th Div.
parade. and to the Market
in Asheville for lunch.
Miss Kantner "treated" in evening

Page [247]

May 9 [1919]

        1919: Left Biltmore 3:30 p.m. Adjutant of the
state, General Royster, very nice to me.
Saw Senator Overman! changed at Salis-
bury, and at Greensboro found my sleeper.

Page [248]

May 10 [1919]

        1919: Changed at Selma, Rocky Mount &
Hobgood for home. Good to be here. The
children are so excited. a letter from
L. C. L. frisky called me "Herbert."