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  • Monument Name

    David Caldwell Monument, Guilford Courthouse

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  • Subjects

    Historic Political Figures

    Historic Educational Figures

    Historic Religious Figures

    Historic Medical Figures

    Revolutionary War, 1775-1783

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  • Description

    This monument, a roughly-cut rectangular granite block placed on top of a granite base, measures 6'11" in height and 3' wide, not including the base.

    Images (courtesy of Natasha Smith): North face | East face | South face | West face

  • Inscription

    North Face: Dr. DAVID CALDWELL / BORN 1724 / DIED 1824 / PREACHER

    East Face: PATRIOT

    South Face: 1909 / PHYSICIAN

    West Face: TEACHER

  • Custodian

    Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

  • Dedication Date


  • Decade


  • Geographic Coordinates

    36.133250 , -79.843470 View in Geobrowsemap pin

  • Series

    Guilford Courthouse Battleground

  • Supporting Sources

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  • Sponsors

    General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church and descendants.

  • Monument Dedication and Unveiling

    The principal speaker for the day was Dr. C. Alphonso Smith who said a “nation must find in its past its heritage for its future.” The dedicatory speech for the Rev. David Caldwell monument was made by the Rev. Melton Clark. The Caldwell monument was unveiled by Adelaide Van Noppen and Marion Jones, great-great granddaughters of Dr. Caldwell. The since removed Clio The Muse of History statue was also dedicated the same day.

  • Subject Notes

    Born in 1724, David Caldwell spent many years teaching. He was eventually licensed to preach, which he continued to do late into his life. He was a member of the convention that formed the Constitution of the state of North Carolina in 1776. He died August 28, 1824.

    [Additional information from NCpedia editors at the State Library of North Carolina: This person enslaved and owned other people. Many Black and African people, their descendants, and some others were enslaved in the United States until the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in 1865. It was common for wealthy landowners, entrepreneurs, politicians, institutions, and others to enslave people and use enslaved labor during this period. To read more about the enslavement and transportation of African people to North Carolina, visit To read more about slavery and its history in North Carolina, visit - Government and Heritage Library, 2023.]

  • Location

    The Caldwell monument is located in Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. It was the last memorial in a row of monuments on the Historic New Garden Road that runs through the park. It is also the only remaining one in its original location.

  • Landscape

    The memorial is surrounded by mature trees of the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

  • Approval Process

    General Assembly of the Southern Presbyterian Church as well as descendants of Doctor Caldwell.

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