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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Instructions to John Archdale concerning the government of Carolina
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
October 17, 1694
Volume 01, Pages 391-392

-------------------- page 391 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. IV. p. 21.]

Whereas Collonell Ludwell our late Governor of North Carolina hath Informed us by his Letter bearing date the 1st of May 1694 that he hath granted our lands of Albemarle County at a farthing per aker and pretends a power by vertue of an ancient grant in ye time of ye Govermt of Mr. Stephens

1 Wee do hereby Impower you our Governor to make Inquiry into ye same and if you shall find any such Authentique Grant vnder our hands and seales &c you are hereby Impowered to allow & aprove of ye same and to grant lands in ye sd County of Albemarle onely at a farthing per aker

2 You are to signify unto our Inhabitants of North Carolina that ye sd County of Albemarle is by us aproved to be only that part that Joines to Virginia and on ye southerne part is separated by Albemarle Sound and Chewan River

3 Because that ye southern part of Albemarle Sound and ye Sound of Pemlico lye nere vnto ye sd County of Albemarle and have not ye advantages good harbours for shipping. Wee therefore Impower you our sd Governor for ye Incouragement of settling those parts wch lye north of Cape Fear to lett any of ye sd land at such moderate quitt rents as you in your discretion shall think most reasonable but not under half penny per aker for every aker yearly to vs and our heirs for ever

4 Whereas Landgrave James Colleton late Governor of Carolina complaines in his Letter to vs of ye 19o of July 1694 that not one peny of his Sallary of 200£ per annum was paid him during all ye time of his Government wch was allmost four years you are to settle all accts wth him and order ye Receiver Generall for ye time being to pay him ye ballance that shall apeare to be Justly due to him after having first deducted the yearly rent of his Barony for all ye time he hath enjoyed it but at 20£ per annum in consideration of his sufferings on our behalf during his Govermt

5 You are to endeavour also for ye better regulating and ye encouragemt of ye people that shall hereafter come to inhabit that tract of land that lyes North of Cape Fear and South of Albemarle County to erect as many Countys as you in yor Discretion shall see convenient and to give them such names as you alsoe shall think fitt

-------------------- page 392 --------------------

6 You are alsoe hereby Impowered wth 3 more of our Deputys to sell land in Albemarle County for what you can reasonably obtaine but not vnder ten pounds ye 1000 akers reserving an aknowledgement of five shill: ye 1000 akers yearly and not vnder to vs and our heirs for ever Given vnder our hands and seales this 17o of October 1694

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