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hardwick letterThe 8,400+ letters in the series were written and received by more than 3,600 people and 150 businesses and other corporate entities. Notable correspondents include William Jennings Bryan, Marion Butler, Clarence Darrow, Rebecca Latimer Felton, Warren G. Harding, Thomas William Hardwick, William Randolph Hearst, Clark Howell, Theodore Roosevelt, Upton Sinclair, and Hoke Smith.

Names have been broken into alphabetical groups by surname or business name, when known. Where only a given name is known, that name is indexed alphabetically alongside family names.

The image to the right is a page from a letter from Thomas William Hardwick to Thomas E. Watson, 6 December 1904. View the entire letter here.


Abbott, M. H. [1 result]
Abel, John C. [2 results]
Abel, Robert S. [1 result]
Abernathy, J. C. [2 results]
Adams, Amy [1 result]
Adams, George W. [1 result]
Adams, Joe A. [1 result]
Adams, L. C. [1 result]
Adams, L. R. [2 results]
Adkins, A. G. [1 result]
Adkins, S. J. [2 results]
Akers, E. V. [1 result]
Albert, W. M. [2 results]
Aldrich, Alfred [1 result]
Alexander, J. P. [1 result]
Alexander, Lottie [2 results]
Alexander, R. F. [1 result]
Allen, C. W. [2 results]
Allen, H. A. [4 results]
Allen, J. C. [1 result]
Allen, J. Frederick [23 results]
Allen, James A. [1 result]
Allen, James M. [1 result]
Allen, John [2 results]
Allen, W. L. [1 result]
Allison, H. Dove [2 results]
Allison, John [1 result]
Ames, Louis Annin [2 results]
Anderson, A. F. [1 result]
Anderson, Frank E. [8 results]
Anderson, J. L. [5 results]
Anderson, W. L. [1 result]
Anna [1 result]
Annie [1 result]
Annie Lou [1 result]
Arlington, R. S. [1 result]
Armitage, James [1 result]
Armstrong, A. [1 result]
Armstrong, R. [1 result]
Arnold, B. F. [8 results]
Arnold, Howard C. [3 results]
Arnold, J. S. [1 result]
Ashley, J. L. [1 result]
Associated Press [1 result]
Atkinson, Helen [1 result]
Atkinson, Isa [2 results]
Atlanta Georgian [5 results]
Atlanta News [3 results]
Augusta Herald [1 result]
Augusta Tribune [1 result]
Austin, H. S. [1 result]
Austin, P. P. [1 result]
Awde, D. D. [1 result]
Axtell, J. W. [6 results]
Ayers, R. C. [1 result]

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