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hickory hill photo

The image to the right is a photograph of Grover Cleveland Edmondson and Georgia Watson Lee Brown on the front porch of Thomas E. Watson's home, Hickory Hill, in Thomson, Georgia. View the full image here.

Anderson, Leila [1 result]
Browne, Carl [1 result]
Clayton, Susan [1 result]
Cole, Elizabeth [1 result]
Durham, John [1 result]
Eckler, El [1 result]
Geer, Louise [1 result]
Hazelhurst, Robert [2 results]
Johnson, Henry [1 result]
Knox, Kathryn [1 result]
Lee, Stanley [2 results]
Lowe, Eugenia [1 result]
Lowe, Walter [1 result]
Lyons, Mary R. [1 result]
Neal, Elsie [1 result]
Neal, Weldon [1 result]
Price, Virginia [1 result]
Watson, Mary [3 results]
Weaver, Mary [1 result]
White, Lillian [1 result]
Winter, Roberta [1 result]

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